Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #15

Well, the holidays are taking their usual toll in the intake of calories. Who can say no to roast beef and mashed potatoes? Pies and cakes? Pistachios, every kind of cheese dip known to man, homemade cookies, eggnog, anything and everything that you can think of in terms of food for the holidays, well, 90% of it is not good for you. However, If you can’t treat yourself on Christmas Day to a few cookies, what good is life anyway? But it has been a little easier to treat myself since we got the upright bike. I’m glad we didn’t wait until after the holiday. Usually I pedal for a half hour, four days a week, burning a few hundred calories each time. These days, I’ve added five minutes to my routine, and an extra day. I should be adding a few minutes every week to my routine anyway, but to be honest, I just haven’t had the time to do that during the last month, with all the extra hours I’ve had to work. (Retail, remember?) But it&

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