Be More Active for a Healthier Body

Summer is winding down but this does not mean that you should give up on your summer exercising routines. Do not start hibernating just because the sun is starting to go down earlier and it is not as hot outside. Drinking milk shakes, having snacks before bed, eating fast food and drinking your fair share of alcohol, will have you looking like every other scrubby pedestrian in society. Don't be that person who gives up on their appearance. Looking at ourselves in the mirror as we all do daily can make us really confident, or on the other hand, insecure. Most of the overweight people that are insecure, just need to motivate themselves and they'd stand a much better chance of being healthy and happy. Psychologically, getting into a fitness routine, if you've been lazy your entire life, is harder than the physical aspect.Drill these thoughts in your brain. More weight lifting and running. Less sugar. More strength training. Less surfing the interwebs.  Our nation as a whole has beco

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