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treadmill buying tips

  1. Tips and Guidelines for Buying Treadmills & Ellipticals

    Comprehensive and thought out weight loss plans are more effective than those which are based upon short term goals. Everybody wants to take a magic pill or a secret shortcut in order to lose weight. Although most rational, intelligent minds understand that eating well and exercising regularly are the most significant factors that contribute to the level of ones health, there are still tens of millions of Americans who are in search of a way to lose weight without doing the necessary legwork in order to do so. Those who strategically design an exercise regimen for themselves are far more likely to have success working out than those who do not. It is very easy to develop an exercise program. A simple search on the Internet of various exercise programs will be sufficient on order to find at least one exercise program applicable to your situation. Once you find an exercise program optimal for your body, look for health club quality fitness equipment to use at home so you don't have to g

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  2. Read the #1 Reason You Need to Buy a Treadmill!

    Do you run enough? Scientists at Harvard have concluded through extensive research that running for at least an hour each week can reduce your chances of coronary heart disease by over forty percent. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for running on a treadmill and in my opinion the main reason to run is because neglecting cardiovascular exercise such as running, can be detrimental for your overall well being.  Optimized health and fitness plans certainly incorporate a good amount of running, jogging, climbing and other intense aerobic activity into its game-plan. Treadmills are much better for your joints than running outside on the streets. Roads have very little shock absorption and city streets expose your lungs to car fumes . Pavement is terrible for our knees, and running on a treadmill instead of concrete reduces your chances of getting a stress fracture by approximately fifty percent. If you do want to run outside and there are some people who love running outdoo

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  3. Treadmill Shock Absorption Sytem

    I am looking to hear from some expert runners, specifically those who run marathons. What I want to know is, what treadmills do you like to train on the most? Treadmill suspension and shock absorption systems are extremely important when buying a new treadmill. It is very important to make sure the suspension system on your treadmill will protect your ankles and knees. What good is having the biggest and baddest treadmill if it does a number on your knees? Making sure you have a top-of-the-line suspensions system is paramount when choosing a new treadmill to buy. Above all, you need to be comfortable and healthy when you are running. Running for long distances on treadmills can be disastrous on your knees if you are not careful in making sure buy a treadmill with legitimate shock absorbing technology. Others factors one must consider when purchasing a treadmill for their home is the quality and size

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  4. Don't Waste Time on Cheap Fitness Products

    Every night while watching TV, I see so many ridiculously horrible advertisements for cheap fitness equipment, and it boggles my mind why anyone would ever buy such low-end, flimsy weight or cardio equipment. For example, we have all seen the heavy-duty stair climbers spread across gym floors nationwide, and they all are as tall, or taller than we are, on average that is. In order for the fitness equipment at gyms to be effective, and durable, they must have some weight to them, to prevent instability and ensure safety. However, lately I have seen several cheap, small, and lousy looking stair steppers that according to the infomercials pushing them, are the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing could be further from the truth. In almost every case what looks to good to be true is. Unfortunately, a piece of gym equipment, whether cardio or strength based, can't be replicated by a company producing "similar" pieces of fitness equipment, for 95% less. If it sounds too good to be true, i

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