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Ways to Beat Stress

  1. Take Control of Diabetes through Exercise!

    Being a type 1 diabetic myself, I understand first hand how important it is to make exercise a routine part of your day. Did you know that both type 1 and type 2 diabetics who exercise daily for 9 months, their glucose metabolism (the body’s ability to process blood sugar) improved 87%, and their fasting glucose (a marker of diabetes risk) decreased significantly?This can be as easy as taking a 15-minute walk everyday, even starting at 5-10 minutes sessions and working your way up. I find taking a short stroll through the neighborhood after dinner a great way to boost my mood, energy, and overall metabolism. Another trick I've found is always looking for a way to add a few extra steps into your day… be it not using the nearest restroom at the office, and using another one on a different floor, climbing the stairs to get there. Or instead of taking that 10-minute coffee break, substitute it for a short walk outside. Once you learn tackle short walks in your everyday, it&rs

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  2. Take Advantage of the Hot Weather

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the first 6 months of 2012 broke the record for the hottest first six months in a calendar year in the history of the Continental US. Along with that record, many other heat records have been obliterated this year as a result the of extreme heat and dryness. Eighty percent of the contiguous Unites States is in some sort of a drought. What is the silver lining you ask? Why are you reading about this on a fitness blog? Well, the answer is that you should be exercising outdoors for a longer part of Summer, Spring and Fall, due to the lack of climate restrictions. Usually in Cleveland, Ohio around this time of year it is getting to be darker and colder by the day, but not this year. Cleveland is bright and sunny around 3 in the afternoon each day, which is perfect weather for running. Be grateful of the droughts and heat waves of 2012 as they have made it easier for you to exercise outside - :)

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  3. The Best Organic & Therapeutic Stress Reliever is Working Out!

    Thinking of working out does not make you feel like a superstar, because research shows that after you are 15 minutes into your 30-60 minute workout, you will feel on average over 50% less stress and more joy, than you felt prior to beginning your workout. For many of us, stress concentrates and builds up due to things like road rage, a bad day at the office or problems at home, but it all seems to just evaporate once we start working out. All forms of exercise act as stress relievers. Running on a treadmill in your home or at the gym, running laps at your local track, lifting weights, using a rowing machine, riding your stationary bike, whatever your fitness fancy is, it is an organic stress reliever like no other. Heavy weightlifting is my favorite way to relieve stress. After an hour of bench presses, curls and dips, I rarely if ever, get frustrated with red lights and pedestrian incompetence. Sometimes I just get so steamed up over the most inconsequential annoyance

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  4. Best Way to Eliminate Stress? Workout!

    Tonight the Cleveland Cavs play the Orlando Magic in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals. Since I was born and raised in Cleveland I am a huge Cavalier fan, so to say that I am stressed about this huge game is an understatement. So what did I do about my stress? Well I decided to beat the stress, that was beating me. When I woke u in the morning, I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and jumped on my StairMaster. Exercising is the best way to beat stress. Period. I don’t care how many doctors think that medication is better than exercise, if there are any that do, because I know how great physical training makes me feel. I am totally convinced that Cardio Training and Strength Training are the best weapons to use as we fight stress caused in our daily lives from our job, economic situation, family issues and whatever else makes us tense. So where were we? Oh yeah, I jumped on the StepMill When I work out, having the same exercise stair climbing machine that is see

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