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Ways to Burn Fat

  1. THE SECRET TO BEING IN GOOD SHAPE: Make Your Workouts Fun and Enjoyable!

    Playing different sports is a great way to stay in shape through fun, action packed exercise. Time flies by much quicker when you are running up and down a basketball court, playing hoops with your friends, than it would if you were doing sit-ups at home with your feet fastened under a book case. Being a multi-dimensional athlete helps eliminate those mundane and routine workouts, the workouts that make each second feel like a minute, and each minute feel like an hour. The workouts that don’t provide the kind of excitement we are looking for after a long day of work at the office. The workouts when we look at the clock the entire time to see if it is time to leave yet. We need to eliminate those kinds of monotonous exercise routines through incorporating various aerobically challenging sports like racquetball, tennis and ultimate Frisbee, just to name a few off of the top of my head. It is important to incorporate sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Yoga, Soft

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  2. Take Control of Diabetes through Exercise!

    Being a type 1 diabetic myself, I understand first hand how important it is to make exercise a routine part of your day. Did you know that both type 1 and type 2 diabetics who exercise daily for 9 months, their glucose metabolism (the body’s ability to process blood sugar) improved 87%, and their fasting glucose (a marker of diabetes risk) decreased significantly?This can be as easy as taking a 15-minute walk everyday, even starting at 5-10 minutes sessions and working your way up. I find taking a short stroll through the neighborhood after dinner a great way to boost my mood, energy, and overall metabolism. Another trick I've found is always looking for a way to add a few extra steps into your day… be it not using the nearest restroom at the office, and using another one on a different floor, climbing the stairs to get there. Or instead of taking that 10-minute coffee break, substitute it for a short walk outside. Once you learn tackle short walks in your everyday, it&rs

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  3. Make it a routine, not a 1 night stand! The 14 day recipe to healthier living!

    So many of us decide to give it our all in the gym and really push our limits...for one night. Then, we do not exercise again for months. Sporadic workouts are pointless. Equivalent to a one night stand, working out with a buddy at his gym for 3 hours, once every two months, is meaningless, as it builds no foundation. Working out once in a blue moon will not help. Your body needs to physically train on a regular basis if you wish to improve upon your health. Nine workouts spread out over a 310 day period are nothing more than random glimmers of hope. Here is the solution if you are one of the many that exercise once every 2 months with a friend or whatever... next time you workout, it will will not just be a random occasion spawned by an impulsive thought in the middle of the day, this is because you will not let that happen. Next time you exercise...and please follow this advice closely, as it will absolutely change the one life you have for the time you exercise, you

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  4. Health Clubs vs. Home Gyms

    HEALTH CLUBS VS. HOME GYMS Pros of Health Club: 1.) Healthy, strong, agile, good looking people at the gym provides tangible motivation for our minds. 2.) Health clubs provide a wide variety of fitness equipment to use and it is near impossible for most of us to outfit our homes with the quantity and quality of exercise equipment that the gym offers. Cons of Health Clubs 1.) Time Is of the Essence and it takes too much time out of our day to go sit in traffic and go to gym. The physical act of getting to the gym is an obstacle in and of itself. 2.) Cleanliness - If somebody at your gym is sick, watch out, before you know it, you, your family and friends will all be sick! (worst case scenario) - either way, fitness equipment
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  5. Fitness Equipment Stores

    Just want to say hello to all of our awesome customers and potential clients. The Kings of Cardio on are track to help California lose 10,000 pounds. We are able to help our home state and other athletes across the nation stay in shape because we offer health club quality fitness equipment at rock bottom prices and most importantly, we the Kings of Cardio follow up with their customers in order to make sure the equipment that we provide them with gets used! Yesterday I walked into Sports Chalet to get some exercise mats and I saw that they were selling a brand new precor AMT 100i for $7500.00+tax+shipping! WOW! We offer the same unit for $2000.00 less! We know how tough making a living is in this economy and we have adjusted the prices of our home gym gear and cardio fitness equipment accordingly.

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  6. My Body Still Is Not Ready For Summer!

    As we near July, it has become evident that I have not done all that I need to in order to look good in my bathing suit for the summer, and I am not ready to accept that. Every single year I promise myself that by the time summer comes around I am going to be toting a six pack and not weigh more than 170 (I am 6’0). The not weighing more than 170 pounds thing is only when I am not weight training really hard, if I was lifting weights every day and eating lots of protein and around 4000 calories, then I would be satisfied at like 180 pounds or even 190 pounds as long as my body fat percentage remained under 6.5%. But anyway…..back to the swimsuit thing and I am not totally out of shape, there has been some work done on my part, but you get out what you put in and right now I don’t have too much that I can take out, so I have to put a lot more work in and just pray that by mid-July, my swimsuit body will be ready, if not, I will consider myself a total failure…

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  7. Workouts for Women

    I have always tried to make time to workout, but finding the time or energy to do so wit my busy schedule, is nearly impossible. I usually carry my gym bag in the trunk of my car so I can stop by the gym after work - or on the go - wherever I may be.  The thought of working out daily is always on my mind, but I have yet to fully realize that notion.  There have been times when I am excited to go to the gym but after I get out of work and start driving in traffic my energy is drained and all I want to do is get home, eat and relax. There have even been times when I get to the parking lot of my nearby health club only to find myself parking, getting out of my car, getting my gym bag, walking a few feet and then walking back to my car and driving off home. The times when I have actually managed to walk inside the gym, I find the machines busy, and that gets me frustrated, leading to an unproductive trip to the gym. Since I usually like to workout to relieve stress and

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  8. Thinking Outside the Box: Elliptical Workout

    Whether you own an elliptical and are looking for new ways to use it, or are interested in buying one, you should be aware that there are many ways to turn this machine into an effective gut buster!  In the absence of resistance bands or dumbbells, here are some ways to play with the machine by varying resistance.  Using the resistance listed below - I will then show you an incredibly effective and short workout! Elliptical trainers can vary resistance through a few different ways.

    1. Speed you move your legs (revolutions)
    2. Intensity or resistance of the machine
    3. Your position (standing up, or in semi squatting position or in a full squat position on the eliptical)
    4. and Whether you push the pad with your heel or your toe
    These 4 elements can be used to vary your workouts to BLAST your body in only 20-30 minutes!



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