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Weight Loss Tips


    1) Mind over Matter We here at Kings of Cardio believe that over half of the battle we fight versus obesity and lethargy is won upstairs with our brain. Your mind does so many great things but it can also play tricks on you and deter you from exercising at times. For example, you may think that you feel tired or sore, but in realty you are just fine. Or, you may try and rationalize not working out by convincing yourself that you don’t have the time, or that you will go the next day, this that, that this, so on and so forth. Do not let these sorts of thoughts invade your head; they will get in your way of becoming and staying healthy. Instead, convince yourself that you are excited to exercise and then go make it happen. Turn on some loud music if you have to, drink a sports beverage and get your game face on! As long as you frequently remind your body and mind how important exercise is to your daily life, typica
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  2. You Can Control Your Weight More Than You Think

    Feeling light is great. Walking around and feeling like you have a tire around your waist is unhealthy, annoying, time consuming, depressing, all while serving as one big monkey on your back. People who are obese and overweight think about how heavy they are at least 10 times a day and become psychologically overwhelmed by their weight being such a significant burden in their lives. However, there is some silver lining even for those who are very overweight and think that it would be irrational to even think they had a chance to lose weight. Well, here it is, here is the million dollar silver lining for you. BEING FAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CONTROL. You create your own reality. Being fat is something that can change. Want to try a neat trick that will fix your weight issues? Eat a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning when you wake up, an apple and salad for lunch (eat peanuts for protein or mix chicken/fish/red meat in salad) and when you eat dinner…have something as simple as

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  3. How to Get the Most out of Your Exercise Routine

    As I travel around the country, going from place to place in order to transform the unhealthy into the fit, it is alarming to see how many people are truly obese and overweight, and seemingly do not care at all.  It is understandable for the weight of a human being to fluctuate due to lack of exercise, or excess eating from time to time, but what I have seen is not normal, by any standards.  When I say, "What I have seen is not normal", I am referring to the disproportionate amount of overweight people versus the amount of people that would be considered healthy by national standards, and yes, there are set standards of how much Joe Johnson should weigh based on his height and age. The question is, why are we so fat? How did it get to the point that every time I am in a mall, baseball game, or movie, there are more overweight people than people who are in decent shape? Is it because we do not exercise as much as our European friends? Are the United States

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  4. Track Your Progress in the Gym - It Helps!

    People love statistics, especially about themselves. There's just something neat about being able to track linear progressions of our own ability. Well, hopefully it's a linear progression. There is a strong correlation between being physically fit and keeping meticulous records of your results. For one, people who analyze their workout routine with regularity are more prone to understanding why their particular exercise program is working, or vice versa. In direct contrast, people who workout with a plan and people who do not track their results in some sort of database or note-keeping-system, are far more likely to prematurely discontinue their routine, than people who keep a running journal. Just think about it; if person A records their progress and person B does not, person A is going to be a substantial favorite over B, in terms of which person is expected to religiously adhere to their training regimen. Diligent record keeping will help you analyze

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  5. How Does Eating Change Your Body & Mind?

    Substantial changes in your diet may lead you to a healthier and happier life. Artificial sweeteners, trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup are regularly ingested in our body, yet most of us never take the time to analyze our physical and emotional state, after we digest a Quarter Pounder with cheese, large fries and Coke. Do we feel happier? Are we tired? How do you feel after you eat X, Y and Z? We need to be more mindful of the physical and emotional changes we experience after eating particular foods. Considering how your body reacts to junk food is extraordinarily important towards our complete understanding of the consequences that come from consuming unhealthy ingredients. Many of us are tired more than we would like to be. Would you trade your favorite food for one hour of extra energy every day? How about two? Pay closer attention to what you eat and its ingredients and you may drastically improve your quality of life. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know w

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  6. Make a List of Goals for your Health & Fitness

    Losing weight, getting fit and working up a sweat feels really good and it's good for us. Exhilarating, exhausting, everyday workouts are amazing for your heart, body and soul! Doesn't it just seem like people who are in shape are having a much better time than overweight people? Of course fit people are happier, after all, they get to lead a much livelier life than those who tire easily and can not physically handle an entire day of fun activities such as hiking or biking. Shortly after waking up and drinking a full glass of cold water, I started my workout today and it is hard to describe how great it feels to pump iron and run on the treadmill after. Evidently, based off of obesity rates, most people don't love exercising as much as I do, or as you probably do, if you are reading this health and fitness blog. But, I have found it difficult to routinely make it happen at the gym. Making a list of the goals I want to accomplish each week really helps me stay focuse

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  7. Workout Routines That Work!

    Maximize your body's potential by constructing a physical fitness plan that is easy to follow. Call it psychology, call it expected, call it what you will, just don't call it good, but people have the tendency to start an exercise routine with tenacity and before they know it, they have given up. Individuals have a difficult time finding a fitness plan that they follow religiously. Don't be one of those people who frequently contrive new workout plans and then do not follow through with the determination necessary to construct an effective and reasonable exercise plan. Speaking directly from experience, I personally have trouble making sure I exercise at least three times a week, for at least an hour each time I workout. After I workout for an hour or so and feel like I have accomplished something, I tend to take the next few days off and not workout like I should. Irregular exercise patterns spawn a multitude of workout routines strung together by your incomplete desire to train. Do

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  8. Write Your Own Health and Fitness Blog

    Remind yourself everyday how important exercise through writing a blog. Often times, people like to put working out to the back of their mind and love to forget that it is there. Putting your thoughts in writing will be a great way to consistently remind yourself to exercise. It will be hard to lie to yourself when you are forced to put down on paper what physical training you did that day. Hopefully, you will have too much pride to let yourself write down that you did nothing to better your health for several days in a row. Turn yourself into a trainer through creating your own fitness blog. Teaching yourself about working out and writing things down will really help gain a better understanding of your health and level of physical fitness!

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  9. Hibernate or Exercise - The Choice is Yours!

    The weather is starting to get colder which means that exercising outside becomes less intriguing as each day passes. Who wants to run outside at night in Cleveland, Detroit, New York, or anywhere that is cold for that matter? This is why treadmills, elliptical machines and other home gym equipment is quite necessary if you wish to stay in good form throughout the year. These days it is easier than ever to purchase quality fitness equipment for your home, making staying in shape easy, even if your window of opportunity to exercise each day is limited, as new things always come up into our schedules unannounced. When you have fitness equipment at home, you do not have to carve several hours out of your day for going to the gym, showering, sitting in traffic, so on and so forth. Make things easier for yourself and give yourself the ability to workout at home, at your convenience. Your chances of looking and feeling good increase by orders of magnitude when you have home gym equipment.

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  10. My Body Still Is Not Ready For Summer!

    As we near July, it has become evident that I have not done all that I need to in order to look good in my bathing suit for the summer, and I am not ready to accept that. Every single year I promise myself that by the time summer comes around I am going to be toting a six pack and not weigh more than 170 (I am 6’0). The not weighing more than 170 pounds thing is only when I am not weight training really hard, if I was lifting weights every day and eating lots of protein and around 4000 calories, then I would be satisfied at like 180 pounds or even 190 pounds as long as my body fat percentage remained under 6.5%. But anyway…..back to the swimsuit thing and I am not totally out of shape, there has been some work done on my part, but you get out what you put in and right now I don’t have too much that I can take out, so I have to put a lot more work in and just pray that by mid-July, my swimsuit body will be ready, if not, I will consider myself a total failure…

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