Prevent You Own Fitness Apocalypse

Interested in staying fit after the Summer? Many people work super hard for a tight Summer figure and then lose their drive during the Fall and Winter months. When the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, people get less antsy about staying fit. Considering you are reading this health and fitness blog at the moment, you must be more interested than most people on finding ways to keep that blubber away.  I respect you for that. People tend to let their guard down in the Winter months and just kind of wait until Spring time to get their body beach ready. The cold weather makes people want to stay at home while drinking  apple cider and hot chocolate. Snowy roads and sunless days are not too motivating and you combine those two factors with the holiday festivities (Thanksgiving meals...Christmas parties) and the outcome is that people regress with their eating habits and as their bodies show it. Don't let your guard down. Stay ahead of the curve and always focus on ma

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