Elliptical machines with adjustable stride lengths are great for the home. One of the many reasons that these kind of elliptical's are especially good buys for home usage is that having an adjustable stride length allows people with various leg lengths and stride lengths to feel comfortable on the same machine! People that have differences in height and weight have a hard time feeling comfortable on the same unit as one another. An 18" stride length will feel natural for someone who is 5'5. However, that same 18" stride will not conform to the natural walking, jogging and running motions of a someone who does not maintain the same build as them. Traditionally, families have been unable to buy 1 elliptical that works for everyone in the home. With the arrival of the new cross trainers with adjustable strides, adults and their children can work out on the same elliptical machine, without sacrificing comfort. Life fitness, Precor and other fitness equipment brands have developed health club quality elliptical machines with adjustable strides.