I have been trying (I guess not to hard) to keep track of my workouts, more like I was thinking of keeping a journal of what I eat and WHAT I DO NOT EXERCISE!  Ha! That is going change soon now that I have this treadmill to use! I also just got my 12 bottles of GREENS PLUS, WILD BERRY BURST  and greens chocolate energy bars today (300!!!) LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Thanks for stepping up and being GURU when it comes to health,we love reading the blogs and keeping track of our own results and sharing them with everyone.

Any way, Jimmy & I talked about getting back to our exercise routines and we look at a bunch of supplements & all this cleansing stuff and today all this GREENS PLUS protein great products!!! I am going to take protein powder and protein bars with us( Hannah loves them, Max HATES THEM) WE R GOING TO  BE IN THE HOLY LAND, HOME OF THE BEST FALAFEL & SHAWARMA'S IN THE WORLD, so I'm going 2 be realistic and know that i m going to have a few good tasting authentic food and gain weight as a result!! But also knowing that the real exercise it is going to  start June 21st when I get back to Cleveland and will have time to workout! WE PROMISE! I am determined to get back into vegetarian/vegan life stile from July 1st!

I have been trying to do it for about half of this year...I ran out of excuses. I will turn 45 in September , Jimmy will be 53 ! We have 2 more kids that we will have to take to college in a few years. We need 2 get that energy back & try to hold on to it for a while...we hope to have this to follow into their big sisters good foot steeps ...she turned out great & they both look up to her!!! So with this on mind I'm going to try much harder this time around and get that 'old feeling good thing back!!!!!!!


my dad passed away@59 (my mom was only 49 when she died), Jimmy's dad @61 !!!!!!!! WE WANT TO BE AROUND A LITTLE LONGER !!!!! THAT'S WHY WE USE THE TREADMILL JIMMY BOUGHT FROM YOU!!!!!!

Take care & stay cool (it gets kind of hot out there  in LA)