Through extensive research, we've came up with what we deem the best cardiovascular trainer to be right now. Collectively as a staff, we've surveyed people at gyms, friends, family and we've used almost all of the good stuff ourselves. At the end of the day, we found three main brand names that in sum accounted for 86% of of our top 20. Cybex, Life Fitness and Precor were the machines that routinely came up throughout our studies. Ultimately, we've decided that the new Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride by Precor is the most effective (it burns fat), user-friendly (easy on our joints and can accommodate many user types) and most structurally sound (durability) cardio trainer out there. We learned that with decades of experience, Precor has discovered ways to make their cardio machines better than their competitors' products. Beginning with an effort to design a low impact, personalized workout trainer, that has the all-in-one ability allowing its users to walk, jog, climb and lunge, the unique design of Precor's new Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer, lets its users go from short to long strides, walking to running to deep lunges, with the simple push of a button. Short strides primarily work your quads, with some emphasis on hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscle.. Medium strides put more pressure on your hamstrings and glutes. While Life Fitness and Cybex make some really awesome machines, if we have to pick one cardio trainer right now as the best of the best (we've received a ton of questions via social media & email about what we deem the best to be) - it's the AMT 885 with Open Stride. You burn more calories on the Adaptive Motion Trainer than the vast majority of other cardio trainers and that in and of itself could be enough to make it the best, but this machine has a few more noteworthy features. Second in significance to its quick and effective fat burning, the Open Stride AMT has the most user friendly bio-mechanics that we've seen to date. It's ability to conform to and mimic the natural optimal stride of its user is unparalleled among other elliptical machines and cross trainers. The open stride feature lets you not only change resistance, but also alter the height of your elliptical footpath. This really allows users to find their optimal stride length and height; the same stride that the user would naturally have if they were climbing a hill, walking or running in water (very good for you) or all out running.  A stride rate of 90 to 120 is considered optimal for most users, while professionals like to fly a little faster and novices a little slower. There aren't too many other elliptical machines that can easily adapt to people of all shapes and sizes. A lower setting with a longer stride is similar to running. Higher setting with a shorter stride is light climbing stairs or running uphill. Adding variety to your workouts - The AMT's pre-set workouts are a great way to complete your fitness goals because some of the workouts are actually kind of neat and fun and of course challenging.  Power, endurance and aerobic all in one, the Precor AMT will absolutely give you a workout like no other cardio trainer can.