We always promise ourselves that we are going to get in shape for the summer. All winter long we stuff our gut and think how we have so much time before we have to be ready to go somewhere nice and put on a swimsuit. Today is April 13 so you better get your but in gear if you have not been putting in time on your treadmill. As long as you start working out tomorrow morning and yes that is tomorrow morning, you will be doing better than you were doing the day before. Each day, we either get better, or we get worse. Therefore, as long as you try to improve your health every day, you are getting better. When you wake up tomorrow morning, create a reality in which you are determined with a new found focus and passion to get in shape and change your health on your own. Take your body from hell to heaven. Only you can do it. Nobody can exercise your body for you and the last thing you want is for your fate to be determined by drugs and medicine. Create a path laid with healthy eating habits and an approach towards physical fitness that resembles the way a professional athlete approaches his or her games. While you lift weights and perform numerous repetitions, stay alert and not just physically engaged, but you must be entirely dedicated mentally to performing the exercise at hand. Those who go to the gym and wander around aimlessly, fail to understand the necessary mentality one must have in order to perform at a high level in the gym. Distractions are purely detrimental and one can not overstate the importance of setting goals for when you work out on your home gym, at the health club or whatever arena you like to exercise in. While we are on the topic of distractions, I must take back my earlier statement when I labeled distractions as purely detrimental. I have personally found that it really helps to watch some sort of entertainment while doing cardiovascular exercises. Almost all cardiovascular gym equipment these days has dedicated monitors for TV viewing, some even have DVD adapters. It seems to be much easier for me to complete my entire workout, whether it be 30 minutes or 3 hours, time just seems to go by much faster when I am watching TV when I run or bike. Last time I was at the gym (yesterday, I went and checked out the 360 Gym in Reseda, CA) 99% of the cardiovascular gym equipment had its own dedicated HDTV monitor. From what I can remember, the new StairMaster StepMills have their own TV for stair climber. The new 7000PTs are called the SM 916 StepMill. Either way, they have their own TV for each machine. The new Life Fitness 95X elliptical trainers also have their own TV sets. It is actually more difficult to think of a new piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment that does not have its own entertainment center built in. Not only does the new LF 95 series of elliptical machines have their own cable TV monitors, but the 95X Inspire and 95X Engage also have USB slots and iPod compatibility.