I have Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which means not only do I feel as if I might go crazy if I don’t move my legs in the evening anytime after 7pm until the morning, I also have uncontrollable limb movements in the late afternoon and evening.  Not only do I feel a burning need to move my legs, my arms and legs twitch all on their own, completely out of control.  I need to rub my hands together, crack my knuckles, so my legs don’t twitch so much.  (No idea why this helps.)  Pressing the inner arch of my foot with a thumb can sometimes help too.  But basically, I can’t sit to read or watch TV without uncontrollable jerks. So now I have an upright exercise bike, right next to the couch, where a chair used to be.  In the evening I watch TV, my legs slowly and continuously turning the peddles.  I can even rest a book on the thing that gives you the readout, and read.  I don’t go crazy, just slowly rotate my legs.  This way I can watch TV or read, and by the time I go to sleep, my legs are almost too tired to twitch too much.  It hasn’t completely solved the problem (I’m on ReQuip, too) but it helps, so I thought I should pass it on.