Losing weight, getting fit and working up a sweat feels really good and it's good for us. Exhilarating, exhausting, everyday workouts are amazing for your heart, body and soul! Doesn't it just seem like people who are in shape are having a much better time than overweight people? Of course fit people are happier, after all, they get to lead a much livelier life than those who tire easily and can not physically handle an entire day of fun activities such as hiking or biking. Shortly after waking up and drinking a full glass of cold water, I started my workout today and it is hard to describe how great it feels to pump iron and run on the treadmill after. Evidently, based off of obesity rates, most people don't love exercising as much as I do, or as you probably do, if you are reading this health and fitness blog. But, I have found it difficult to routinely make it happen at the gym. Making a list of the goals I want to accomplish each week really helps me stay focused and on track. If you are new to the gym and have not yet found the perfect exercise routine for yourself, then please take this advice to heart - Do Not Over Think It. By spending too much time calculating the optimal workout, you are personifying procrastination, not determination.  It is not too difficult to configure a workout regimen built upon 30 minutes of daily exercise. Creating a list of goals is always a positive, significant step, towards becoming more serious about exercising. Make sure your summer workouts have direction and purpose. You should always be trying to improve your endurance and physique and there are several things that if you focus on,  they will optimize your workout. First of all, map out your exercise routine for the week on Sunday night. You will be amazed at how much more structure your workout routine will have once you dare to take the next step and actually write down your fitness routine for the coming week each Sunday night. Today now is Monday and I am on my way to the gym. I go to the 24 Hour Fitness right by where I live in Los Angeles. When I get there, I will not be wandering around and trying to figure out what exercises to do. Since I prepared myself for my workout today, I know exactly exercises  I am going to focus on and I know the amount of reps and sets I am going to do for each exercise. Adding structure to your fitness routine is sure to give you an edge. Remember, you do not need health club quality home gym equipment or an expensive gym membership in order to effectively and efficiently work out.