I have always tried to make time to workout, but finding the time or energy to do so wit my busy schedule, is nearly impossible. I usually carry my gym bag in the trunk of my car so I can stop by the gym after work - or on the go - wherever I may be.  The thought of working out daily is always on my mind, but I have yet to fully realize that notion.  There have been times when I am excited to go to the gym but after I get out of work and start driving in traffic my energy is drained and all I want to do is get home, eat and relax. There have even been times when I get to the parking lot of my nearby health club only to find myself parking, getting out of my car, getting my gym bag, walking a few feet and then walking back to my car and driving off home. The times when I have actually managed to walk inside the gym, I find the machines busy, and that gets me frustrated, leading to an unproductive trip to the gym. Since I usually like to workout to relieve stress and stay in shape, I realized that the frustrations that I got from trying to get a workout where defeating the purpose of why I wanted to exercise. It wasn't until about 2 months ago that I decided to buy a recumbent bike for my house. Desperately, I thought that as long as I have the ability to workout on equipment at home, then I would have no more excuses, at least no more semi-legitimate excuses, such as the gym being super busy, or traffic being too dense. I now workout at home, usually right in front of the TV while I watch my favorite TV shows. Working out at home for me has proven to be the best most effective thing I could have done. It is not a hassle, and I usually find time to exercise at least 1 hour a day 5 days a week. I think that working out should be a life style that improves our overall well being. Not only is exercising good for the body but it is also good for the min. After I workout, I find myself full of energy, relaxed, and I simply feeling good about myself. What makes me even more excited is that I have started to see results. Since getting a regular workout is no longer such a hassle for me, I do it regularly and I have dropped 5 pounds and my legs are starting to get a very nice, sexy, feminine definition, which I absolutely love!! -Jaylene Miller