As we near July, it has become evident that I have not done all that I need to in order to look good in my bathing suit for the summer, and I am not ready to accept that. Every single year I promise myself that by the time summer comes around I am going to be toting a six pack and not weigh more than 170 (I am 6’0). The not weighing more than 170 pounds thing is only when I am not weight training really hard, if I was lifting weights every day and eating lots of protein and around 4000 calories, then I would be satisfied at like 180 pounds or even 190 pounds as long as my body fat percentage remained under 6.5%. But anyway…..back to the swimsuit thing and I am not totally out of shape, there has been some work done on my part, but you get out what you put in and right now I don’t have too much that I can take out, so I have to put a lot more work in and just pray that by mid-July, my swimsuit body will be ready, if not, I will consider myself a total failure….just kidding, kinda, sorta. Ha! Anyway, as I mentioned, I am 6’0 and right now I weight around, 183 pounds. I need to get down to 170 pounds and I was looking for some good ideas from the KOC bloggers and bloggets as to what my best course of action is? Should I just go all out and exercise for like 4 hours a day? Different people have told me different things. I have heard that yeah, if you really want to look your best and feel your best, get some cardio and strength equipment for your home and just go crazy. Don’t let up, no matter how sore you are, just keep pumping iron and doing cardiovascular workouts and the rest is history. The counter argument to that, which I have heard quite frequently as well, is that if you try and push yourself too hard, through daily physical training, cardio and strength training, that you will become so sore and beat up that you will just burn yourself out due to exhaustion and just not want to exercise anymore at all.