I just had this great idea! It’s coming up to the holidays and I’ve had family members ask me for a list of gifts I’d like. You know, those holiday exchanges where you get the third Snuggly in the same amount of years from your aunt or cousin. You’d love money, but you’re really not supposed to ask for that. They always put some limit on these gifts--$30 or something. And if you have a large family, you do that exchanging names thing where you end up getting picked by your cousin’s new wife who doesn’t know you from the family cat. So do this. Put one item on your list. A piggybank of their choice, but a cheap one—not a $30 piggy bank! Put the rest of the cash inside. Suggest that they write something personal on the piggy’s chest, such as: From my heart to yours. (Explain that you are saving for fitness equipment so you can stay strong and healthy in the years to come, so you can keep coming back to this yearly family gathering.) This idea works, too, for your kids who love you but may not love shopping. Oh, maybe one of your kids likes to hit the stores during the holidays, but I’m betting they all don’t. And since they love you, they want to keep you healthy, so I bet they’ll like this idea. And, after the holidays, you can make this suggestion for birthdays and anniversaries and retirement parties, etc. In a year you can add these gifts to the money you yourself have saved, and there you go, you’ve got your new treadmill. And a very cool collection of piggybanks, with notes written on them from people who care about you.