With the exercise equipment industry becoming more saturated by the day, there has been an overwhelming amount of cheap, flimsy, and inferior fitness equipment that has flooded the home fitness equipment market, resulting from this trend defined by its superabundance of gym gear. Therefore, it is imperative now more than ever, that you do the homework necessary, in order to make sure that the fitness equipment you buy is optimal for the specific needs of your body. Making sure the bio-mechanics of your workout equipment, duplicate the natural movements of your body, is of paramount importance, when researching which piece of fitness equipment is best for your body type. There are far too many pieces of cardiovascular fitness equipment and strength equipment, in the health and fitness industry, that are not up to par when it comes to the structural integrity, mechanical capacity, electronic technology and bio-mechanically correct ergonomics, necessary in order to remain safe, secure and durable, through long lasting and intense workouts. Additionally, more exercise equipment and sporting good stores have started to sell products designed by penny-pinching, voracious manufacturers. These corporate giant have only one intention when designing exercise equipment and that is based around their intention of making sure that the fitness equipment they produce is appealing to the aesthetic senses of their potential customers, without any disregard for the reliability and overall quality of the product itself. Needless to say that with an attitude like that, the parts used, such as the drive and incline motors, belts, flywheels, pedals, suspension material, rollers, and more, are not premium, high quality parts. Now to the naked eye it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a nice suspension system or not. For example, how can one differentiate between a good and bad motor. The reason we can’t is because the motors are covered by a cosmetics shroud and its exact specifications can only be found by uncovering the motors, though taking off the protective shrouds that cover them, which almost nobody ever does. A legitimate fitness equipment company that delivers what it promises, is Star Trac, and their resume is filled with decades of hard work and accolades. Since 1974, they have supplied gyms and residences with user-defined, dependable and innovative exercise equipment. While the majority of fitness equipment manufacturers assembling products overseas, Star Trac's manufacturing plant is located right here in the U.S.A. Star Trac has earned state-wide and national respect for building a 100,000 sq. foot warehouse in Irvine, California, and have been labeled a benefactor of the community, due to the number of gainfully employed, and tax paying citizens, that they have created as a result of international headquarters being located there. Every day it seems as though their equipment is showing up more and more at health club facilities and gyms. There are several reasons for their progressive and what has now become epic, takeover of the fitness equipment industry. Here we will explore the history of Star Trac an an international provider of fitness equipment and we will explore the reasons behind their recent dominance. First of all, Star Trac claims that 3 million people, across 70 different countries, use Star Trac gym equipment, every day of the year, in home gyms and health clubs. Star Trac manufactures elliptical machines, treadmill, stationary exercise bikes, spin cycles and strength fitness equipment. Although they dominate the commercial fitness equipment industry, Star Trac has a major strong-hold in the home fitness equipment industry too. The Star Trac commercial line of fitness equipment includes their ST Pro series of treadmills with built in cooling fans, ergonomically correct and structurally sound stationary upright and recumbent exercise bikes, elliptical trainers that mimic the natural stride length of its users, award winning spin bikes, free weight equipment and 3 separate lines of adjustable weight strength equipment. ***Call 800-990-1108 for pricing, reviews, shipping lead times and all other questions regarding Star Trac Fitness Equipment.***