Maximize your body's potential by constructing a physical fitness plan that is easy to follow. Call it psychology, call it expected, call it what you will, just don't call it good, but people have the tendency to start an exercise routine with tenacity and before they know it, they have given up. Individuals have a difficult time finding a fitness plan that they follow religiously. Don't be one of those people who frequently contrive new workout plans and then do not follow through with the determination necessary to construct an effective and reasonable exercise plan. Speaking directly from experience, I personally have trouble making sure I exercise at least three times a week, for at least an hour each time I workout. After I workout for an hour or so and feel like I have accomplished something, I tend to take the next few days off and not workout like I should. Irregular exercise patterns spawn a multitude of workout routines strung together by your incomplete desire to train. Do not let your myriad of emotions be the ultimate decider of whether or not you exercise. Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears build up through consistent training and conditioning. Sporadic training methods do not work. The central objective I am trying to convey is that you need order and discipline do your exercise routine to be optimal. I have fallen out of my groove, lost my stride many times over and I am never at my best when I am not regularly following a workout schedule. Going to the gym when you feel like it is certainly better than not going at all, but it is very hard to build momentum for yourself if you do not stick to specific plans and goals.