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30 minute workout

  1. Optimal Eating Regimen for Morning Workouts

    Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and get some calories in you before you throw on your shorts and gym shoes. But make it light.  When we exercise, as important as it is to get some fuel in us before we hit the weights and treadmill, it is  even more important not to bog down our bodies with heavy-fast-food-like meals.  Feeling bloated during an exercise routine is terrible and can cause headaches and nausea.  For those who exercise in the morning, drinking a quick Ensure, Muscle Milk or protein shake and eating a small serving of fruit such as an apple, orange, plum or peach, will provide your body and mind with enough nutrition and energy to get in an effective workout. Other nutritious and morning-pre-workout-optimal foods  include egg whites, bananas, whole wheat bagels, oatmeal and low-fat yogurt. A moderate amount of caffeine can be beneficial too.

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  2. Fitness Routines: Do You Abide One?

    Fitness Routines should detail different workouts for each day of the week. Fitness routines need to be closely adhered to in order for the person using the fitness routine to maximize his or her results. Human body parts get worn down and stressed if they are exercised too heavily and often, therefore, it is necessary to give your muscles a rest while exercising other muscles that are not as sore. Dismantling your exercise routine into several different workouts to be performed during the week is a fantastic way to approach exercising and fitness. Exercising your biceps, triceps, forearm and other muscles in your arms can be your fitness routine on Monday. Tuesday can be a day for your thighs, quadriceps, calf muscles, and other muscles in your lower body. My personal fitness routine leaves Wednesday as a day for rest so I will do the same as we continue this example. Thursday is a perfect day to get back to work and hit the bench press. Along with bench pressing, there are approxima

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