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benefits of walking

  1. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #1

    So, my husband had to have a triple bypass—took veins from his legs and chest, cut him open and filled his chest with ice, held his heart in their hands, and made him all better. I tell you the gruesome details because this is certainly an eye opening event, and keeping one’s heart healthy is of utmost importance. He’d had three small heart in his thirties and early forties, (quit smoking after the first one, and began to eat healthy food, and hiked a lot—but that didn’t do enough). Working your heart, and keeping your blood pressure low, are just as important as eating healthy food. After the surgery they sent him to rehab, which was basically a room with treadmills and exercise bikes—and doctors and nurses who would hook him up to monitors to watch his heart beat, etc. They had him spend twenty-two minutes on the treadmill

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  2. Walking Really Helps!

    I have something called restless leg syndrome, which means my legs twitch at night when I'm trying to sleep. It not only keeps me awake, but really bothers my husband. A doctor prescribed something, but the possible side-effects sounded worse than my leg twitching. What I've figured out is that slow, steady walking for about a half hour, on a slight incline on a treadmill, will tire out my legs enough so they don't twitch. I can do it while I watch the news, although watching the news can get me upset so I can't sleep either. Maybe watch something boring. The idea is to get your legs tired, but not get your heart beating too hard. You can do that earlier in the day, with your regular workout, but at night, just use the treadmill to tire out your legs so you don't kick your spouse. :)

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