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  1. Healthy Nutrition and Working Out are the Cornerstones for Preventive Healthcare

    Preventive medicine is the key to a healthy life. Maintaining a balanced diet of healthy, nutritional food and abiding by a disciplined fitness routine, are the cornerstones of preventive healthcare. Undisciplined eating habits will turn your lifestyle upside down. Procrastinating instead of participating in physical fitness will turn you into an obesity stat. Concentrate on staying fit and you will be less vulnerable to sickness. Preventive healthcare is eating real food and exercise. People tend to wait until they are legitimately sick before they change their eating habits and begin to exercise on a regular basis. Do your best to control your future through staying away from junk food and staying true to an effective fitness program.

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #5

    I’m going to steal this reflection from a friend of mine, Karen Sandstrom, who writes a blog called Pen in Hand, which is mostly about art and drawing, although she writes about other issues too, like weight and exercise—and birds and dogs, etc. Anyway, I thought that something she said was worth passing on, and is important to think about when we try to become healthier human beings and start up an exercise program. She talks about how we believe we are moral, good people, and if we make a promise to someone, we hold up our end, try our very best to keep that promise. Right? But when it comes to ourselves, we don’t always do that. We let things slide, find excuses. (Such as promising to ride that exercise bike three times a week, but then finding other things to take up that time.) We need to treat our promises to ourselves with the same integrity. It builds character. And you’ll feel good about yourself—not only for doing the thing you said you w

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