Best Way to Eliminate Stress? Workout!

Tonight the Cleveland Cavs play the Orlando Magic in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals. Since I was born and raised in Cleveland I am a huge Cavalier fan, so to say that I am stressed about this huge game is an understatement. So what did I do about my stress? Well I decided to beat the stress, that was beating me. When I woke u in the morning, I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and jumped on my StairMaster. Exercising is the best way to beat stress. Period. I don’t care how many doctors think that medication is better than exercise, if there are any that do, because I know how great physical training makes me feel. I am totally convinced that Cardio Training and Strength Training are the best weapons to use as we fight stress caused in our daily lives from our job, economic situation, family issues and whatever else makes us tense. So where were we? Oh yeah, I jumped on the StepMill When I work out, having the same exercise stair climbing machine that is see

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