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best treadmill for home

  1. Home Fitness Equipment vs. Commercial Gym Equipment

    Gym rated exercise equipment is exponentially more comfortable and durable than home fitness equipment. While fitness equipment rated for home usage may look appealing cosmetically, as well as financially, the truth remains that the overwhelming majority of residential exercise equipment isn't well built when its compared to the commercial fitness equipment seen in gyms and health clubs such as Gold's Gym or 24 Hour Fitness. Understandably, far more people purchase home fitness equipment than commercial fitness equipment due to the fact that gym equipment is bulkier, heavier and far more expensive than smaller, lighter, residential fitness equipment. Although gym equipment is far more costly than home fitness equipment, one has to fully comprehend and understand the the tangible benefits that commercial rated gym gear holds over residential fitness products. Advantages held by gym equipment but not shared with home fitness include premium bio-mechanics, a greater structural integrity,

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  2. Your Treadmill Buying Guide: The Best Commercial Treadmills in 2013!

    Here is our annual report on the best treadmills in the world. This list is comprised of mostly health club quality treadmills. Gym grade (commercial) treadmills are heavier than home treadmills, so gym treads can withstand more pressure and overall wear and tear. Additionally, health club quality treadmills have more powerful motors than residential treadmills and not only do commercial grade treadmills have a higher horsepower than home units, but gym grade treads also have higher quality motors too. Now that you have a better understanding of what the differences between commercial and residential treadmills...on to the list! 1.) Life Fitness 95T Engage: Top of its class. This heavy-duty, souped up, new-age treadmill is the king of the mountain. Its versatile flex-deck shock absorption system is truly remarkable in its ability to protect our knees and other sensitive joints, far more so than your run of the mill treadmills. Its Lifespring™ shock abs

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  3. Are Treadmills Bad For Your Knees?

    A friend of mine asked me today what the best kind of running surface is and how treadmills compare to other running surfaces such as grass, concrete, rubberized tracks and a couple of other running surfaces. The easy and 100% correct answer is that grass is the best and it is not even close. Other running surfaces such as concrete are really rough on joints and bones to the point where running can actually become detrimental towards your health.  If you are not able to run on a local field or nice track, buy yourself a treadmill that has a great suspension system and a shock absorbing running belt. With an advanced suspension system and an extra-thick, orthopedic style running belt, a treadmill can be the next best thing to run on for your body, other than natural grass. A prime example of a professional grade treadmill with an optimized suspensions system and running deck is the Life Fitness 95Ti. The 95Ti treadmill, is part of a series of heavy-duty, hi-performance, gym qualit

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