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bodyweight exercises

  1. Fitness Outside the Box: Elliptical + Bodyweight = Results

    In the next installment of Outside the Box - we use 5 basic exercises with an elliptical trainer.  The 5 exercises are push ups, squats, crunches, burpees and parachute jumpers. The workout will consist of 3 minutes of elliptical trainer in the following sequence 1 min slow 1 min fast 1 min slow coupled with 4 simple body weight exercises to be performed in a circuit fashion. Warm up:  Get on the elliptical trainer for 3-4 minutes, then get off and do some light stretching.  Warm up with 15 jumping jacks 20 body weight squats and 10 push ups.  Then get ready, the workout is about to begin. First Circuit: Push Up 20 reps, Parachute Jumpers 20 reps, and 25 squats, followed by the 3 min sequence on the elliptical trainer and 1 min rest Second Circuit 20 squats, 10 burpees, 15 push ups, 25 crunches,  3 min Elliptical sequence and one minute of rest Third Circuit 10 push
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  2. 24 Ways to Exercise Without Using Gym Equipment!

    If you don't have gym equipment at home, that's fine, you can still exercise. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out some easy, fun, convenient, effective and free ways to build muscle and burn fat. Below is a list I put together (I'm one of those list guys) and it has two dozen healthy exercises sure to help you look and feel better, without doing damage to your wallet. Make it happen. 1.) Use a Local Track - Sprints , Laps, Walking & Jogging. 2.) Sit-Ups - Strengthens your Abdominal Muscles and Hip Flexors. 3.) Push-Ups - Builds Pectoral and Triceps Muscles. Strengthens Deltoids and the Midsection. 4.) Leg Lunges - Easy and Effective Lower Body Exercise. Helps Improve Balance and Coordination. 5.) Squats - Great for Developing and Maintaining Muscle in Buttocks, Thighs, Hamstrings and Hips. Vital for Lower Body. 6.) Swimming - Combines Cardiovascular and Strength Workouts. Provides a Total Body Workout. Relaxing too! 7.) Jumping Jacks - Awesome Cardiovascular Exe

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