Floyd Mayweather Training Techniques on HBO's 24/7

Last night we watched "24/7", an HBO documentary based on the lives of two boxers and their daily training routines, as they prepare for a huge fight. HBO started this series several years ago when Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya on Cinco De Mayo, 2007. In an attempt to promote the fight, and gain more PPV  revenue, HBO created "24/7". Well, as usual, HBO's plan worked and their show turned out to be a smash. Hard core boxing fans and regular TV viewers from across the world loved the show and its unique inside look into he complex lives and training methods of two world class fighters. The latest installments of "24/7"  are centered on the upcoming Mayweather vs. Marquez fight, and I have to say that Juan Manuel Marquez takes training to levels far beyond ones imagination. Its latest episode begins with Juan Marquez running up and down volcanic mountains while picking up huge rocks and throwing them, which looked grueling, but was dwarfed and forgotten

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