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  1. You Can't Get a Hit Unless You Swing!

    This blog is for all of you individuals who feel like you have no chance of ever getting in shape and being healthy. The main point I want to drive home to you is that you can't score unless you shoot. Believe it or not, there are millions of overweight people who have never even tried to run on a treadmill, ride an exercise bike, climb steps on a StairMaster or try anything athletic. Do not feel embarrassed if you are not gym savvy right away, just try and get better each and every day. Exercise at the gym, at home using fitness equipment of your own, or perform some form of physical activity outdoors. Every day we either get better, or we get worse, there is no in between.

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  2. Read the #1 Reason You Need to Buy a Treadmill!

    Do you run enough? Scientists at Harvard have concluded through extensive research that running for at least an hour each week can reduce your chances of coronary heart disease by over forty percent. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for running on a treadmill and in my opinion the main reason to run is because neglecting cardiovascular exercise such as running, can be detrimental for your overall well being.  Optimized health and fitness plans certainly incorporate a good amount of running, jogging, climbing and other intense aerobic activity into its game-plan. Treadmills are much better for your joints than running outside on the streets. Roads have very little shock absorption and city streets expose your lungs to car fumes . Pavement is terrible for our knees, and running on a treadmill instead of concrete reduces your chances of getting a stress fracture by approximately fifty percent. If you do want to run outside and there are some people who love running outdoo

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  3. Use Exercise to Relieve Stress

    Protect your body from the stresses that build up over time at work. You promise your boss that you will do your job efficiently, but what do you promise your body? There is nothing worse than letting your health deteriorate while you sit back and watch your belly grow because you do not give your body the same attention that you give that stack of white papers in your office. If you are that person, stop what you are doing and really try to understand how important exercise it for human beings. You need to go for a hike. Take your favorite cousin on a camping trip. Go on a long bike ride. Promise your body that you will give it the attention and care that it needs. Promise your knees, hips and ankles that you will purchase a treadmill with a gym quality shock absorption system that will not let your joints suffer. Make a deal with your heart that you will buy a treadmill

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  4. Less Calories and More Fitness

    How much food do you consume on a daily basis? Have you ever made a list of the meals you eat throughout the week? I'm looking around the mall and it does not look like too many people are paying close attention to what they eat, let alone actually taking the time to write down on paper what they feed themselves. Not fixing a broken diet can be a burden to not only your personal life, but professionally as well. Associates, potential clients and superiors all question whether or not an obese individual will be able to handle a workload, more than they would question the ability of someone is stellar condition. Why do people have a hard time trusting those who appear to be unhealthy? Well, people who are fat and obese seem to neglect their bodies need for physical activity. Consequently, people think overweight individuals will be unable to take car of them, since it appears that the out of shape individual can not even take car of him or herself. On the other hand, people love to fol

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  5. The Difference Maker: Exercise in the Morning

    Get your day off to a great start by exercising when you wake up the morning for at least 30 minutes. Studies show that those who exercise for at least half an hour at the top of their morning, are more likely to be productive and alert at their job. Also, those who spend time in the morning on their StairMaster stepper, Life Fitness Treadmill are less vulnerable to stress at the office, than those who do not exercise regularly in the morning. If you are reading this fitness blog and are in search of what types of exercises are best to do in the morning, you will find countless good idead spread across the web, but try and keep it simple. Spend 30 minutes on the treadmill and do 5 sets of 20 push-ups. You will feel so much better than you did before you started working out in the morning that you wil most likely have no trouble conti

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  6. Transform Your Body

    Use the BodyCraft X4 and its multiple weight training stations in order to get your body looking and feeling good. Transforming ones physique takes dedication, patience and the right attitude when it comes to exercise. Purchasing home fitness equipment for you and your family can really jump-start any fitness routine. Buying fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, elliptical machines, stair climbers and all sorts of other gym equipment. It is much easier to exercise regularly if you have gym equipment at home, versus actually having to go to a fitness center in order to get fit. Plus, just knowing you have fitness equipment at home, will motivate you to workout. For instance, my friend Nick Kallenbach was having a very difficult time waking up and making it to the gym as much as he wanted to. One day I told Nick that I thought he should buy a refurbished/used Life Fitness 9500 Next Gener

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  7. Cardio Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment Deals: If you are determined to get in shape, maintain your current build, or just want to add some lean muscle to your body, then we would love to help you. Let us be your right-hand man and we will provide you with health club quality discount home fitness equipment, free personal training, diet plans, and excellent customer service. We have a wide range of home fitness equipment and Cardio Fitness Equipment at blowout sale prices, including treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, spin cycles, Pilate's machines and much more. Our store includes modern cardiovascular training equipment and strength equipment, as well as commercial machinery for health clubs and gyms. Our staff of fitness experts is entirely dedicated to providing you with gym gear that will enable you to lose weight, look great, and feel your absolute best. Everybody wants to stay in shape, but it is almost impossible to devote the amount of time ne
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