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  1. Get Fit Without Equipment

    Don’t have the capital to spend thousands of dollars building a home gym? Too busy  to take an hour or more out of your day to go to the gym? No problem. You can still sculpt your core and other muscles with easy-to-do, free body-weight workouts. Pure body-weight workouts are exercises that don’t require free-weights. Recently, body-weight exercises such as planking, push-ups and pull-ups, have been gaining popularity for their effectiveness and after all, they’re free! You can do wonders for your body just by performing a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups when you wake up, go to bed, or whenever you have time in-between. Personally, I like to do push-ups and planks during commercials when I am watching TV. Dr. Walter Thompson, researcher at Georgia State, said “Body-weight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit. In a time when many people are concerned with cutting expenses, body-weight exercises are a great way to feel great and look ton

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  2. My Labor Day Workout

    Woke up today at 7:10 am PST. Stretched for 10 minutes then did 200 push-ups (a bunch of sets of 30), then jumped in the shower. For breakfast I ate half of a grapefruit, a bowl of raisin bran and two slices of rye toast. Then I went to work in front of the computer but I got the feeling that I really needed to exercise more and since today is Labor Day I decided to go to the local middle school and use their rubberized track to get some running in. I walked 2 laps (1/2 Mile) then ran about 14 laps (3.5 Miles). The key to running is making sure that you are not beating up your knees, ankles, hips and other joints and bones. Rubberized tracks and treadmills with quality suspension system are your best bets. After the light jog I felt much better and went home to do some real work.

    When lunch time came I was ready and had burned off most of what I had for breakfast so a big good lunch was really needed. For starters I ate a sa

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  3. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #16

    Most everyone makes New Year resolutions, and many of those resolutions are to exercise. But goals are best met when you write up a plan, figure out exactly what you want, what you need, what is possible, what you can push yourself to doing better. Like saving money for retirement. Saying, “I’ll spend less,” is too open-ended, too generalized, too easy to dismiss when push comes to shove. Fitness experts say we need a routine. Buying the bike wasn’t good enough if I tell myself that I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow always sounds like a good idea, and easier than doing it today. The problem with exercise is that if you put it off, it gets harder. We went on vacation for a week between Christmas and New Years, to a farmhouse in the woods. The weather was supposed to be snowy and perfect for hikes. Instead it was cold, wet and dreary, and we stayed inside, in front of a cast iron stove, reading. Delightful, but now, one week later,

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  4. Start With an Adjustable Bench and Free Weights

    The FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench is perfect for lots of weight lifting and weightless workouts including incline, decline and flat chest press, shoulder presses, sit-ups and a zillion other exercises that would take a year to name.

    People don't realize how much they can get done with just an adjustable bench such as this, along with some free weights and a strong desire to make it happen. Don't underestimate yourself and what you can accomplish.  FID benches are great tools for burning fat and toning your figure. Don't you want to actually enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror when you get out of the shower?

    None of us want to look flabby and unattractive but few of us do anything about it. Start here, with a simple little bench such as this, you can change your lifestyle by looking and feeling great. let us take you from Hell to Heaven.

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