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cardio exercising tips

  1. Battle Obesity: Use Home Fitness Equipment to Optimize Your Health

    Setting goals for working out has proven to be an effective way for making sure you sustain an efficient and diligent exercise routine. Optimizing your physical fitness is crucial towards the health of your mind and body. Therefore, it is necessary to remain active through daily cardiovascular and strength training. Those who fail to maintain a constant balance of cardiovascular and strength training, are those who are responsible for the fact that the the rate of obesity is so high in the United States and even more importantly, those who do not exercise on a regular basis, become sick and have lower life expectancy rates than those who make staying physically fit a priority in there life. Unfortunately, many of us do not see physical fitness as an important priority in our lives, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of overweight adults and children in the United States. Over the past 30 years, the obesity rates for adults in North America have doubled. Today, 34% of adults in ou

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  2. Maintaining Positive Expectations Makes it Easier to Get Fit

    Expect to do well. Have confidence in your ability to look and feel your best. Possessing a confident attitude is half of the battle when it comes to the fight against obesity and lethargy. How many of you reading this truly believe that you could be in great physical shape if you wanted to? You have to be ready to win. If you have worked out 2 or 3 times over the past 5 years, well, I'm guessing your confidence in your ability to look like your favorite movie star, is gone. But what if it wasn't? What if you reallllly did believe that you could look and feel great, instead of just day-dreaming about it? Ironically, cardio and strength training are just as much mental exercises, as they are physical. Your mind tells you to stop and to give up, but the strong willed and determined just keep fighting. Your mind tells you "this sucks, i'm not having fun, this is hard, excruciating. physical work". But, what if your mind told you to just keep running? What if

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  3. Hustle + Muscle = Success! Do the Math!

    Success stories are typically associated with those who work the hardest. Well, success in the world of health and fitness in the exact same. One has to perform cardiovascular and strength exercises on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy body weight and appear physically fit. Some complain that they can not exercise due to the expensive nature of health club quality fitness equipment. However, there are many ways to elevate your heart rate through aerobic fitness, besides running on a treadmill, riding an exercise bike, or climbing stairs on a fitness stair climber. For example, jumping rope is an awesome way to tighten up those thighs and butt, while toning muscle in your upper body. Do not be the person who makes excuses for not exercising often. If you want to lose a few punds of fat, while adding a couple punds of lean muscle, club quality gym equipment is not an absolute must have. High performance, gym caliber fitness equipment is great, but there are so many other wa

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  4. Thinking Outside the Box: Elliptical Workout

    Whether you own an elliptical and are looking for new ways to use it, or are interested in buying one, you should be aware that there are many ways to turn this machine into an effective gut buster!  In the absence of resistance bands or dumbbells, here are some ways to play with the machine by varying resistance.  Using the resistance listed below - I will then show you an incredibly effective and short workout! Elliptical trainers can vary resistance through a few different ways.

    1. Speed you move your legs (revolutions)
    2. Intensity or resistance of the machine
    3. Your position (standing up, or in semi squatting position or in a full squat position on the eliptical)
    4. and Whether you push the pad with your heel or your toe
    These 4 elements can be used to vary your workouts to BLAST your body in only 20-30 minutes!



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