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  1. Sarah's Fitness Blog

    Sometime last summer my husband tore the lateral meniscus in his right knee. He first noticed a sharp pain when he went to stand up one evening, but it wasn’t that bad, not bad enough to see a doctor, or so he thought.  A month later, when he was having a great deal of difficulty walking up stairs, he finally went in, and the doctor took an x-ray and told him it was arthritis, the kind you get when you’re getting old and have done a lot of hiking in your past. A physical therapist taught him some knee strengthening exercises, and he did them, now and then, when his knee hurt, but then the pain got worse and worse, and finally the doctor sent him in for an MRI, where they discovered the torn lateral meniscus.  Once again, they sent him to a physical therapist, first, trying to strengthen those knee muscles.  He did the exercises now and then, probably not enough.  Finally he had to have arthroscopic surgery to cut the torn meniscus away. They say it was

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  2. Why is Cardio Exercise So Important?

    Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the heart, blood cells and lungs to supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscle tissues and the ability of the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy for movement. This type of fitness is a health-related component of physical fitness that is brought about by sustained physical activity. A person’s ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles is affected by many physiological parameters, including heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, and maximal oxygen consumption. Understanding the relationship between cardiorespiratory endurance training and other categories of conditioning requires a review of changes that occur with increased aerobic, or anaerobic capacity. As aerobic/anaerobic capacity increases, general metabolism rises, muscle metabolism is enhanced, hemoglobin rises, buffers in the bloodstream increase, venous return is improved, stroke volume is improved, and the blood bed becomes

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  3. Twirk it Like You're At A Shaker Club

    You know the guy that runs on that same treadmill every day? Well, he hates his life, that damn treadmill and he hates you, too. Doing the same workout every day sucks. Who in their right fucking mind wants to go to the gym Monday through Friday, just to do the same shit like a fucking lab rat? That's why we're fascinated with new ways to lose weight that are fun. Climbing fake stairs can only excite us so much. Riding a bike that is stationary, while staring at your pulse spoken through LED dots, for hours on end, isn't for the brightest of stars. Soooooo, what is a lively and enjoyable way to workout? Pole dancing, duh! Being a master of the metallic pole is naturally sexy, gets you in awesome shape and none of us are any good at it (besides the ladies at Spearmint). Our human nature behooves us to thoroughly enjoy getting good at new stuff. Seriously, getting better at things is fun as hell and even mean motherfuckers who hate pole dancing, like getting better at thin

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  4. Sarah's Fitness Blog

    There was a cool, light misty rain all evening Wednesday, and it would have been so easy to stay inside, maybe even turn on the heat or sit under an electric blanket (I’m in Cleveland, by the way), but I didn’t want to break my “walk” date with Meg, so after dinner I drove to her house and we bundled up, put on the rain parkas and rain boots, and headed off toward Shaker Lakes. It’s getting darker earlier as it always does in the fall, and the sidewalks are slick with rain and newly fallen leaves. That time of night, the side streets were mostly deserted, so we walked there, avoiding the slippery slate sidewalks. Acorns crunched under our feet, as if we were walking on popcorn. We had a lot of catching up to do; stories from work, stories about our friends, a trip to Maine to plan, descriptions of sweaters we’d bought, etc., and along with all that, the constant, “Oh, look at that tree,” or “Look at that bird,” or “L

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  5. Soda Is Liquid Crack - Get Off It

    We love our pop. Refrigerators across America are stocked with Coke, Pepsi and Mountain Dew. But why? Don't we understand the downside to drinking this liquid crack? Well, we certainly realize how bad this carbonated sugar water is for our kids...right? Wrong. U.S. Children Drink 7 Trillion Calories From Soda Each Year. Where in the world are their parents? This gargantuan amount of soda consumption is one of the  primary reasons behind the fact that childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. So, where's our war against obesity? Fighting that war will save a lot more lives than the wars we are currently fighting. The great thing is you can fight that war for yourself and your family and win, without the help of anyone else. Why does everyone hate Mayor Bloomberg and Michelle Obama for trying to restrict our consumption of junk food? Our nation is becoming alarmingly fatter by the day and we need to have more of a national

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  6. From Sidestreets to Treadmills

    I'd always considered myself the out-doorsy type, and never taken much to gyms or workout equipment for that matter. About 2 months ago, I found myself skipping out on my daily jogs, by lack of motivation. After deciding that a gym membership might inspire me to exercise, since after all I would be paying $30 a month, I couldn't be happier with my decision. I go at least four times a week now, and exercise all parts of body that simply jogging did not sculpt. After about an hour on the elliptical, weights, treadmill, and crunches, followed by a 15 minute hot tub session, I've never felt so revived. I can also pay attention to the numbers of calories and miles I'm burning, and build plans for each week to exceed the previous. I have an entirely new respect for gyms and trainers now, and can't wait to start building my own home gym soon!

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  7. Don't Let the Summer Heat Get the Best of You

    Like everyone else this summer, I am struggling to keep my daily outdoor workouts in the summer heat. My 45 minute jogs have turned into 30 minute walks, and my 30 minute walks are starting to turn into 15 minute strolls. I recently joined a friend of mine on a trip to the gym with a guest pass, and for the first time since it broke 80 degrees was able to fit in a full hour work out. And boy did it feel amazing! After 30 minutes (and 2 miles) on the treadmill, 15 minutes (and a mile) on the elliptical, and 15 minutes of weights, I felt my entire body thirsting for more. It's funny how easy it is to fall in and out of the groove, and I've learned the hard way that once you give up on strength training workout, it can be difficult at least to start back up. But don't let the summer heat get to you. Try jogging in the late evening after the sun sets, early mornings, and if your still struggling with the heat, take your workout indoors, as I did. Wherever you are though, remember to drink

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