What's Better? Precor or Life Fitness?

What fitness equipment brand is the best? Precor or Life Fitness? If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what was better between the two, well, you know the saying. People love asking those who are the know, what brand is their favorite between the empirically recognized Life Fitness and Precor brands, often times, with the intent to showcase their perspective on the matter. Life Fitness produces award winning exercise equipment year after year and has done so for over two decades. Precor has done the same. There are no substantial mechanical or structural advantages held by one company over the other. Stick with the Precor or Life Fitness equipment that you are used to. That is the answer to the question of which brand is better. For those that have never used Precor or Life Fitness exercise equipment, neither brand is better than the other, both are great. Therefore, it comes down to what the user feels more comfortable on. Some people love the fact that Precor cross-trai

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