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  1. Battle Obesity: Use Home Fitness Equipment to Optimize Your Health

    Setting goals for working out has proven to be an effective way for making sure you sustain an efficient and diligent exercise routine. Optimizing your physical fitness is crucial towards the health of your mind and body. Therefore, it is necessary to remain active through daily cardiovascular and strength training. Those who fail to maintain a constant balance of cardiovascular and strength training, are those who are responsible for the fact that the the rate of obesity is so high in the United States and even more importantly, those who do not exercise on a regular basis, become sick and have lower life expectancy rates than those who make staying physically fit a priority in there life. Unfortunately, many of us do not see physical fitness as an important priority in our lives, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of overweight adults and children in the United States. Over the past 30 years, the obesity rates for adults in North America have doubled. Today, 34% of adults in ou

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  2. Write Your Own Health and Fitness Blog

    Remind yourself everyday how important exercise through writing a blog. Often times, people like to put working out to the back of their mind and love to forget that it is there. Putting your thoughts in writing will be a great way to consistently remind yourself to exercise. It will be hard to lie to yourself when you are forced to put down on paper what physical training you did that day. Hopefully, you will have too much pride to let yourself write down that you did nothing to better your health for several days in a row. Turn yourself into a trainer through creating your own fitness blog. Teaching yourself about working out and writing things down will really help gain a better understanding of your health and level of physical fitness!

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  3. My Body Still Is Not Ready For Summer!

    As we near July, it has become evident that I have not done all that I need to in order to look good in my bathing suit for the summer, and I am not ready to accept that. Every single year I promise myself that by the time summer comes around I am going to be toting a six pack and not weigh more than 170 (I am 6’0). The not weighing more than 170 pounds thing is only when I am not weight training really hard, if I was lifting weights every day and eating lots of protein and around 4000 calories, then I would be satisfied at like 180 pounds or even 190 pounds as long as my body fat percentage remained under 6.5%. But anyway…..back to the swimsuit thing and I am not totally out of shape, there has been some work done on my part, but you get out what you put in and right now I don’t have too much that I can take out, so I have to put a lot more work in and just pray that by mid-July, my swimsuit body will be ready, if not, I will consider myself a total failure…

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