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  1. You Can Control Your Weight More Than You Think

    Feeling light is great. Walking around and feeling like you have a tire around your waist is unhealthy, annoying, time consuming, depressing, all while serving as one big monkey on your back. People who are obese and overweight think about how heavy they are at least 10 times a day and become psychologically overwhelmed by their weight being such a significant burden in their lives. However, there is some silver lining even for those who are very overweight and think that it would be irrational to even think they had a chance to lose weight. Well, here it is, here is the million dollar silver lining for you. BEING FAT IS SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN CONTROL. You create your own reality. Being fat is something that can change. Want to try a neat trick that will fix your weight issues? Eat a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning when you wake up, an apple and salad for lunch (eat peanuts for protein or mix chicken/fish/red meat in salad) and when you eat dinner…have something as simple as

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  2. Making the Most of your Workouts!

    For the past 2 months I have been doing a workout which has been great, I have already seen amazing results. I had gotten out of my workout because I was to busy working and making other excuses, I no longer had a ton of time to go to the gym so for a few months I was working out once, maybe two times a week if I was lucky. After a few months of this routine, I started to notice how out of shape I was getting and my energy level was way down. Due to the fact that I stopped exercising as much and had basically given up on my cardio and strength routines, I started to feel pretty lousy. So I made a commitment to get back in shape. Since the gym took up so much time and I didn't want to fall back into old habits of making excuses, I decided the first step would be to buy a piece of gym equipment for the house. This decision was due mostly in part to the fact that it will be much easier to work out whenever I want, instead of having to go to the gym, sit in traffic, hope someone isn't on

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  3. Body-Solid Fitness Equipment

    Body-Solid fitness equipment is extremely well known for its comprehensive warranty policy. Most fitness equipment companies, especially companies that manufacture home fitness equipment, do not provide their customer base with the extensive warranty coverage that Body-Solid offers. They claim, "Nobody beats our warranty. Absolutely nobody." In support of their claim, Body-Solid provides their customers with in-home, lifetime warranties, on every piece and part of home gym equipment. Pads, pulleys, frame, any part one could think of on a home gym, is covered by Body-Solid, under their exclusive, in-home, lifetime warranty.

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  4. Getting Started - Discount Home Fitness Equipment for Beginners

    Some of you may get intimidated when you walk into a fitness equipment store due to heavy price tags and machines that looks more like villains from a Transformers movie, than safe and effective cardio and strength training equipment. That is why we have friendly and knowledgeable fitness experts ready to talk to you 24 hours a day. Feel free to call us  (800-990-1108) and ask us any and all questions pertaining to home fitness equipment. Take for instance, a 29 year old guy by the name of Jerry. Jerry has recently realized that he does not have much energy as he is used to having and Jerry realizes he is also 21 pounds heavier than he has ever been. Instead of Jerry going out to a local fitness equipment store to buy some exercise equipment for his home, his absolute best bet would be to talk to a fitness equipment expert and find out what the best piece of exercise equipment would be, based on his specific needs, body traits and budget. The sad thing is, ninety-n

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  5. Buying Fitness Equipment is Cheaper Than Ever!

    These days everything seems to be more expensive. Poor economy, less jobs, higher gas prices. However, there is still affordable, health club quality, home fitness equipment out there, so do not give up on your fitness goals! Exercise equipment pricing is down over the past 8 months so take advantage while you can. Your favorite treadmill, elliptical, home gym, stair climber, rowing machine, upright bike, Pilates machine, whatever it may be, we can almost guarantee you that its price is much lower than it was a year ago. Because people have far less disposable income to spend, the cost of buying

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  6. Weight Loss Stories

    Hello there. I hope you guys had a great holiday! With the relatives coming into town there was merriment to be had by all. Accompanied by big holiday dinners and parties. Luckily we still had our treadmill to help in these indulgent times. With all that egg nog we ended up gaining five pounds each! As wifey and I toasted champagne on new years eve. We made a mutual decision to double up on our epic weight loss bet. I kissed her at the stroke of midnight and said "its on baby"!

    New years day came after a long night of celebrating and i was ready to start the year off on a healthy note. I hopped on the treadmill, turned on the football game, and continued on my fitness quest. Wifey wandered in after a few minutes and proclaimed "Get off that treadmill tubby I have a pedicure in thirty minutes "What was I to do? I couldn't sit on the couch and twiddle my thumbs and I have to keep wifey happy. She was on the treadmill and

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  7. Customer Testimonial

    I wanted to write this blog for a couple reason; first I figured if I put this stuff in writing it would make it that much harder to back out of, and second I wanted to let anyone who puts limitations on themselves know that anything is possible. One year ago today I quit smoking and drinking alcohol, I was 27 at the time and it seemed my life was going know where. I started working out to relieve stress and it wasn't to long until I was absolutely hooked. Initially I started running for 20 to 30 minutes and trust me when I tell you it was nearly impossible. Because I live in a city where running outside is only possible half of the year, I decided I would need to either join a gym or get some fitness equipment for my house. Because of my rigorous work schedule I went for the in home routine. I found the Kings Of Cardio on line and ended up purchasing a treadmill. I bought a

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  8. Exercise for a Cause!

    Trying to stay motivated to work out this summer? Consider exercising for a cause! Look into your local newspaper and online for ad's about marathons, triathalons, and walks that benefit a charity or cause you support. Whether it's a walk for breast cancer, a race for AIDS, or even a march for Diabetes, think of forms of exercise that not only you main gain from, but others as well. If your struggling for inspiration, I guarantee nothing will feel more inspiring than helping a group in need. Not only will you be building killer calf muscles, you'll me drawing awareness to a good cause!

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