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  1. The Best Elliptical Machines of 2013

    Elliptical sales have increased with regularity over the past several years. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers have focused on the terrific health benefits provided by the elliptical machine, more so than other cardiovascular training machines such as exercise bikes, treadmills, stair climbers and rowing machines. Elliptical machines provide users a way to really push themselves without creating pressure on their knees and other joints. Treadmills are great for shedding weight and building endurance, but they do a number on our knees too and you don't want to suffering from the painful  pressure on your lower body that constant  running on a treadmill potentially causes.  Elliptical machines, also referred to as cross-trainers, line the floors of health clubs and many of us either have an elliptical at home, have had one at home, or are considering getting one. Here are the top-of-the-line cross-trainers in 2013. 1.) Precor 885® AMT Adaptive Motion

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  2. Are Elliptical Machines Better for Working Out than Treadmills?

    Elliptical or treadmill? There is a lot of literature on the comparisons between the two, but there are two things that can't be argued against. One, if you really like running on a treadmill and dislike ellipticals, you should clearly use the treadmill. Secondly, elliptical machines, also referred to as Cross-Trainers, are better for our knees, hips and ankles than treadmills are.  When I go to the gym, it seems like ellipticals are more popular than treads. The vast majority of fitness experts and athletes that we surveyed agree that elliptical machines such as the Life Fitness 95Xi and Precor AMT 100i are probably better than treadmills because Cross-Trainers elevate user heart rate and burn calories and at the same time, they do not do harm to your knees and other body parts, like regular

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  3. Less Calories and More Fitness

    How much food do you consume on a daily basis? Have you ever made a list of the meals you eat throughout the week? I'm looking around the mall and it does not look like too many people are paying close attention to what they eat, let alone actually taking the time to write down on paper what they feed themselves. Not fixing a broken diet can be a burden to not only your personal life, but professionally as well. Associates, potential clients and superiors all question whether or not an obese individual will be able to handle a workload, more than they would question the ability of someone is stellar condition. Why do people have a hard time trusting those who appear to be unhealthy? Well, people who are fat and obese seem to neglect their bodies need for physical activity. Consequently, people think overweight individuals will be unable to take car of them, since it appears that the out of shape individual can not even take car of him or herself. On the other hand, people love to fol

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  4. Lose Weight Fast with Health Club Caliber Home Fitness Equipment

    Want to lose weight fast? Yes, of course you do... we all do. In order to put in the amount of hard work necessary to transform your body, gym grade fitness equipment must be part of the equation. Smaller and lower priced pieces of fitness equipment, are not gym grade or health club quality and they do not have the lasting durability intrinsic to commercial fitness equipment. If you want to be serious about losing weight, then be serious about the fitness equipment you use as a tool for weight loss. There are major differences between the budget and lightweight treadmills that you see in your local sporting good store and the commercial grade treadmills used in the gyms. We highly recommend that you research the differences between home fitness equipment and fitness equipment that is health club caliber. Here are some guidelines for buying exercise equipment. Do not purchase an elliptical trainer for less than $500. In all likelihood, you will have a hard time finding someone who ha

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