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  1. Fitness & Health Blog from Customer

    I've worked out in gyms and clubs off and on for the past six years, the “off” times due to illness, too much else to do, or frustration. (Who hasn't gotten frustrated when they can’t lose those last five pounds?) Sometimes I needed an extra push, and instead of giving myself that push, I’d quit. But I always felt worse not exercising, found that the hour of working out, three times a day, did something more than help me stay in shape physically. It made me feel good about myself—that I had will power, that I was in control of my brain and body. So, I’m back to it now, have been for almost a year, and once again, I’m at that place where I need the extra push. Blogging might do it. If I say I’m going to do it, actually post it, I certainly better, right? So, this is where I am now. 5’6, 141 lbs. Female. Good shoulders (I work on that, my vanity) I’m stronger than many my age—I can lift heavy boxes, hike up a h

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  2. Cardiovascular and Strength Workouts: The Perfect Combination

    It takes two to make a thing go right. It sure does. Can we be healthy, while looking and feeling great, if we chose to ignore either running or lifting, which many people often do., while many more don't think about running or lifting weights, but those people are near hopeless, and can be addressed at another time. For now, this discussion will focus on those who do exercise on a regular basis, but have a hard time incorporating both aspects of exercising into their workouts. For those of you who do not know the two different areas of exercise, and they can overlap at times, is cardiovascular exercise (running on treadmills, using elliptical machines, rowing on rowing machines, playing sports), and strength exercise (weight lifting). A great example of of strength workout would include warming up, then spending about an hour lifting weights, and then a cool down. For example, on a home gym machine such as the BodyCraft Xpress Pro, one could do three sets of chest presses at 8 reps a

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