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  1. Making the Most of your Workouts!

    For the past 2 months I have been doing a workout which has been great, I have already seen amazing results. I had gotten out of my workout because I was to busy working and making other excuses, I no longer had a ton of time to go to the gym so for a few months I was working out once, maybe two times a week if I was lucky. After a few months of this routine, I started to notice how out of shape I was getting and my energy level was way down. Due to the fact that I stopped exercising as much and had basically given up on my cardio and strength routines, I started to feel pretty lousy. So I made a commitment to get back in shape. Since the gym took up so much time and I didn't want to fall back into old habits of making excuses, I decided the first step would be to buy a piece of gym equipment for the house. This decision was due mostly in part to the fact that it will be much easier to work out whenever I want, instead of having to go to the gym, sit in traffic, hope someone isn't on

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  2. A Treadmill for Christmas!

    Give the perfect gift for Christmas and know that your friend or family member will love you for it! Why give someone a cutting board, the cliche set of tools, or superfluous clothes, when you can give a gift with so much importance and value such as a treadmill or an elliptical. Rowing machines are awesome gifts as well because they do not take up too much space and their are plenty of gym quality rowing machines at discounted prices. Other examples of low maintenance, low cost, and space saving fitness equipment are upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Not only do stationary exercise bikes take up little space and produce highly effective results, but fitness bikes are easy on joints and bones as well. In contrast to treadmills and stair climbers, which can hurt the knees and hips its user, exercise bikes put little pressure on the joints and tendons of the rider.

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