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  1. You Can't Get a Hit Unless You Swing!

    This blog is for all of you individuals who feel like you have no chance of ever getting in shape and being healthy. The main point I want to drive home to you is that you can't score unless you shoot. Believe it or not, there are millions of overweight people who have never even tried to run on a treadmill, ride an exercise bike, climb steps on a StairMaster or try anything athletic. Do not feel embarrassed if you are not gym savvy right away, just try and get better each and every day. Exercise at the gym, at home using fitness equipment of your own, or perform some form of physical activity outdoors. Every day we either get better, or we get worse, there is no in between.

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  2. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #4

    Just so you don’t have to scroll back through too many of the blogs on this site to know who I am and what I’m talking about—although if you do scroll back, I think I have some helpful tips—I’m the woman somewhere over fifty years-old, with the husband who had a triple bypass and then after 8 weeks of rehab at the hospital was told he had to keep up with cardiovascular exercise, and all around good eating habits and healthy choices in life. So we joined a gym while we started putting money away to save for one or more of the fitness machines that we use at the gym. I've written about some of those machines, that we've tried out at the gym first, and the choice we have each time our membership fees are due to—to keep going to the gym or buy the equipment ourselves. So this blog, today, comes down heavy on the “we need to buy the equipment,” side because although I love the atmosphere at the gym, I just know I will exercise more if I hav

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  3. Blog from Customer John McGuan

    Hello there John McGuan here. I hope you guys had a great holiday! With the relatives coming into town there was merriment to be had by all. Accompanied by big holiday dinners and parties. Luckily we still had our treadmill to help in these indulgent times. With all that egg nog we ended up gaining five pounds each! As wifey and I toasted champagne on new years eve. We made a mutual decison to double up on our epic weight loss bet. I kissed her at the stroke of midnight and said "its on baby" New years day came after a long night of celebrating and I was ready to start the year on a healthy note. I hopped on the treadmill, turned on the football game, and continued on my fitness quest. Wifey wandered in after a few minutes and proclaimed "Get off that treadmill tubby I have a pedicure in thirty minutes "What was I to do? I couldnt sit on the couch and twiddle my thumbs and I have to keep wifey happy. She was on the treadmill and I asked her if she would be interested in getting a cro

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  4. Getting Enough Rest is Crucial for Top Notch Workouts

    We are all aware of how poorly we function when we don't get enough sleep. Our thought process is slow as we get really irritable. You feel sluggish and like you are in a daze if you do not get a good night rest. Feeling like your energy is zapped prohibits healthy exercise. Don't let a lack of rest be a hurdle in your way of living a healthy, fit life. Mental awareness, physical stamina and personal motivation peak as a result of prior rest and relaxation. When exercising on fitness equipment, you want to be mentally and physically ready to get better that day. Every day we either get better or we get worse. And if you are lazy and not giving it your all during your physical exercise routine, then you are certainly are not getting better. Getting enough sleep is one of the more important aspects of maintaing a healthy lifestyle. You will be much sharper and more focused when you workout if you are properly rested. For more tips from the Kings of Cardio stay tuned. You can call us

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