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  1. Elliptical Cross-Trainers vs Treadmills

    Cardiovascular fitness training is necessary for optimal health. Our bodies benefit from running but running on hard surfaces can do more harm than good to our body. For example, many runners have beat up their knees, ankles, hips, back and other body parts from indiscriminately running outside on rough, hard, pavement. Treadmills can be the source for bodily aches and pains as well. Frequent running on a treadmill can become stressful on your body and even worse, the pressure applied to your joints can build up and cause severe pain, strictly limiting your ability to run for long distances. Stair climbers can put an enormous amount of pressure on your joints too. Running outdoors on anything other than grass can cause significant damage to our body, just as climbin

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  2. Cardio Fitness Equipment

    Fitness Equipment Deals: If you are determined to get in shape, maintain your current build, or just want to add some lean muscle to your body, then we would love to help you. Let us be your right-hand man and we will provide you with health club quality discount home fitness equipment, free personal training, diet plans, and excellent customer service. We have a wide range of home fitness equipment and Cardio Fitness Equipment at blowout sale prices, including treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, stair climbers, spin cycles, Pilate's machines and much more. Our store includes modern cardiovascular training equipment and strength equipment, as well as commercial machinery for health clubs and gyms. Our staff of fitness experts is entirely dedicated to providing you with gym gear that will enable you to lose weight, look great, and feel your absolute best. Everybody wants to stay in shape, but it is almost impossible to devote the amount of time ne
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