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exercise in the morning

  1. The Positive Impact of Morning Workouts

    Morning workouts make the day go by much easier than not exercising when you wake up. People who work out in the morning have a confident edge that radiates off of them throughout the day. Those of you who exercise before you go to work know exactly what I am talking about and to those of you reading this who don't work out in the morning, give it a shot, you may just like it.  The worst that can happen is that you absolutely can't stand exercising in the AM because you are just not a morning person no matter how hard you try. However, the potential upside is that you surprise yourself and you really enjoy working out in the morning and you become fascinated with the new lively feeling you have after a nice run in the crisp morning air during sunrise. It can be really enjoyable.

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  2. The Difference Maker: Exercise in the Morning

    Get your day off to a great start by exercising when you wake up the morning for at least 30 minutes. Studies show that those who exercise for at least half an hour at the top of their morning, are more likely to be productive and alert at their job. Also, those who spend time in the morning on their StairMaster stepper, Life Fitness Treadmill are less vulnerable to stress at the office, than those who do not exercise regularly in the morning. If you are reading this fitness blog and are in search of what types of exercises are best to do in the morning, you will find countless good idead spread across the web, but try and keep it simple. Spend 30 minutes on the treadmill and do 5 sets of 20 push-ups. You will feel so much better than you did before you started working out in the morning that you wil most likely have no trouble conti

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  3. Start Your Day the Right Way: Exercise & Healthy Breakfast

    Breakfast is believed by many to be the most important meal of the day. Breakfast lays your foundation for the day, therefore, without a healthy breakfast, it is difficult to be as mentally alert and physically ready as you would if you had eaten a solid breakfast. People lose focus and do not perform well when they are hungry and this is why making sure you eat healthy foods for breakfast, is so very important. Say bye bye to coffee and doughnuts and say hello to oatmeal. Fruit, protein shakes, egg-whites and yogurt are other healthy breakfast ideas. Oatmeal can help reduce blood-sugar levels and cholesterol. Eggs have protein and essential amino acids. Yogurt has protein and B vitamins. If you really want to perform at your best all day long, make sure you stay true to eating healthy meals in the morning, instead of sugar filled doughnuts and coffee. Along with eating a light, protein filled breakfast, exercise in the morning is an awesome way to jump start your day! It c

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  4. Top of the Morning - Exercise Ideas for the Morning

    Waking up and working out. There is no better time to exercise and get your daily fitness routine in. Not only are you totally rejuvenated from the rest you got the night before, but you also get your day off to a running start, which can make the difference between having a good rest (no pun intended) of the morning, afternoon and night. We all know what it feels like to wake up feeling sluggish and not have that burning desire that we need in order to stay at our best. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that one exercises in the morning when he or she wakes up. Far too often, we become lazy, and go for the quick fix for our energy boost in the morning, and gulp down some coffee. Don't get me wrong, caffeine in moderation is not the worst thing in the world, however, once we start to habitually substitute drugs (coffee), for natural ways to get energy, we become unhealthy and absurdly overweight in general. You may be thinking, "How in the world did we go from coffee not being the

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