Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #12

I haven’t blogged for a week now, because I haven’t exercised for a week now. Excuses: The Holidays. Shopping. Working extra hours. Snow. Each day I promised myself we would go to the gym, each day, another excuse. I swore that if we didn’t go after a week, I’d order our fitness equipment now, right now, and put it on payments. We’ve saved almost enough. It’s time. And, we didn’t go to the gym yesterday. So, I did it! I ordered an upright exercise bike, not a recumbent. My husband likes the upright better, and he’ll use it more often if it’s something he lkes, and it does take up less floor space. Until we finish the basement and turn it into a proper fitness room, floor space is of importance. So, it’s to arrive in the next week! I’ll be blogging about a piece of fitness equipment that I own. How cool is that?

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