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  1. Make a List of Goals for your Health & Fitness

    Losing weight, getting fit and working up a sweat feels really good and it's good for us. Exhilarating, exhausting, everyday workouts are amazing for your heart, body and soul! Doesn't it just seem like people who are in shape are having a much better time than overweight people? Of course fit people are happier, after all, they get to lead a much livelier life than those who tire easily and can not physically handle an entire day of fun activities such as hiking or biking. Shortly after waking up and drinking a full glass of cold water, I started my workout today and it is hard to describe how great it feels to pump iron and run on the treadmill after. Evidently, based off of obesity rates, most people don't love exercising as much as I do, or as you probably do, if you are reading this health and fitness blog. But, I have found it difficult to routinely make it happen at the gym. Making a list of the goals I want to accomplish each week really helps me stay focuse

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  2. How To Choose A Fitness Program

    Its summertime and you’re starting to realize you need to work off some of those “winter” pounds. But where do you start? Home gym? Gym membership? Fitness center? Recreation Center? Personal trainer? Before you whip out your credit card and pay the first down payment on your physical fitness, consider the following steps to take in assessing your next step: Goal, budget, routine and equipment. Goal – What’s my “goal”? Am I trying to get in shape for now or am I making a lifestyle change? If you’re trying to “get in shape” then just start a walking, biking and home exercise routine. Fitness needs to become a lifestyle change if you want to see your body respond as desired. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape, staying fit through a planned fitness regiment (at home or at the gym) is a more desirable goal. Once you answer this question for yourself then start the process of choosing

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