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  1. Research Proves Being Thin Wins

    A recent study shows that overweight men have significantly less testosterone as they age than healthy, normally sized men. While all men lose testosterone as they age, excess fat and obesity accelerate that process.  When researchers monitored the lives of men ages 40 and above for 270 days, it became evident that men who were overweight lost their testosterone at a much quicker rate than men who were skinnier and in better shape. Intuition tells us that lifting weights and running on the treadmill are good for us. People feel stronger and more energetic when they exercise regularly. Feeling more confident and lighter on our feet, less lethargic and more social, the results from physical exercise are easy to enjoy and not that difficult to attain. Rewards come in bunches for those who remain dedicated to their workout routine.

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  2. Hibernate or Exercise - The Choice is Yours!

    The weather is starting to get colder which means that exercising outside becomes less intriguing as each day passes. Who wants to run outside at night in Cleveland, Detroit, New York, or anywhere that is cold for that matter? This is why treadmills, elliptical machines and other home gym equipment is quite necessary if you wish to stay in good form throughout the year. These days it is easier than ever to purchase quality fitness equipment for your home, making staying in shape easy, even if your window of opportunity to exercise each day is limited, as new things always come up into our schedules unannounced. When you have fitness equipment at home, you do not have to carve several hours out of your day for going to the gym, showering, sitting in traffic, so on and so forth. Make things easier for yourself and give yourself the ability to workout at home, at your convenience. Your chances of looking and feeling good increase by orders of magnitude when you have home gym equipment.

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