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  1. Make a List of Goals for your Health & Fitness

    Losing weight, getting fit and working up a sweat feels really good and it's good for us. Exhilarating, exhausting, everyday workouts are amazing for your heart, body and soul! Doesn't it just seem like people who are in shape are having a much better time than overweight people? Of course fit people are happier, after all, they get to lead a much livelier life than those who tire easily and can not physically handle an entire day of fun activities such as hiking or biking. Shortly after waking up and drinking a full glass of cold water, I started my workout today and it is hard to describe how great it feels to pump iron and run on the treadmill after. Evidently, based off of obesity rates, most people don't love exercising as much as I do, or as you probably do, if you are reading this health and fitness blog. But, I have found it difficult to routinely make it happen at the gym. Making a list of the goals I want to accomplish each week really helps me stay focuse

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  2. Sarah's Fitness Tip #3

    Random Fitness Tip # 3 So, yes, I really do love exercising at home on my stationary bike rather than having to pack up water, Ipod, gym Id, etc, slog through the snow, drive a few miles, slog through the snow, and go into a humid gym where the bikes and other equipment sweats other people’s sweat. I really do use the stationary exercise bike more often because of the easier access. But, I can’t say that I’m all that fond of the bike’s seat. Wasn’t fond of it at the gym, either, which was one reason I preferred the recumbent, but my husband won out on the upright, and that’s a whole different story. The seat is too hard, even though it has gel padding. I tried to find an extra seat cover for it, but no luck. But a little ingenuity, and I’m feeling fine. What I did was drive to the upholstery store which isn’t far from home

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  3. Sarah's Fitness Tip #2

    Random Fitness tip #2 I’m learning to change my ways. Like getting the exercise bike, not wearing slippers in the house. It’s time to understanding that at some point old age will be a pain in the butt—literally, and in the bones. I worry that just walking up the stairs could be painful if I don’t get my act together now. So I look for ways to up the ante, to add a little bounce to my step. I have to clean house every week. Someone’s got to do it, right? And for years I’ve put on my favorite albums when I cleaned. Linda Rhonstadt’s Lush Life. Anything by Eva Casiddy (have you heard Song Bird???) Sometimes Vavaldi’s Four Seasons. Maybe you already get where I’m going with this. I like female singers with slow sad songs, or classical. But the other day my husband put on Bruce Springsteen and I forgot it was in there, and boy, did I get some cleaning done. I even added a few dance steps in-between the vacuuming and the

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  4. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #6

    Years ago, after having my first child, I bought a rowing machine and woke up early every morning, hoping out of bed and straight onto the rower. I needed to lose weight and tone up, but oddly what I found I liked best about rowing is that Zen like state you get from the motions, which is unlike any other exercise machine. It takes a few minutes, but when it comes, you know it. You’re rowing, your whole body undulating, and with my eyes closed, I could see the river ahead I was traveling on, the imaginary river of my own making—sometimes a slim, peaceful waterway, sometimes a wide more vigorous river like the Mississippi, or maybe even across a lake somewhere. But I also could imagine myself rowing through my day, my path in life—waking my baby, making breakfast, reading him books, playing This-Little-Piggy with his toes, even changing his diapers. This was my peaceful time alone when I could imagine the perfect day. Then when things went astray, I was okay. I

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  5. Elliptical Cross-Trainers vs Treadmills

    Cardiovascular fitness training is necessary for optimal health. Our bodies benefit from running but running on hard surfaces can do more harm than good to our body. For example, many runners have beat up their knees, ankles, hips, back and other body parts from indiscriminately running outside on rough, hard, pavement. Treadmills can be the source for bodily aches and pains as well. Frequent running on a treadmill can become stressful on your body and even worse, the pressure applied to your joints can build up and cause severe pain, strictly limiting your ability to run for long distances. Stair climbers can put an enormous amount of pressure on your joints too. Running outdoors on anything other than grass can cause significant damage to our body, just as climbin

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  6. Write Your Own Health and Fitness Blog

    Remind yourself everyday how important exercise through writing a blog. Often times, people like to put working out to the back of their mind and love to forget that it is there. Putting your thoughts in writing will be a great way to consistently remind yourself to exercise. It will be hard to lie to yourself when you are forced to put down on paper what physical training you did that day. Hopefully, you will have too much pride to let yourself write down that you did nothing to better your health for several days in a row. Turn yourself into a trainer through creating your own fitness blog. Teaching yourself about working out and writing things down will really help gain a better understanding of your health and level of physical fitness!

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