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  1. Buying Strength Equipment for Your Home

    Whether you are buying free weight equipment, or universal home gyms that incorporate several stations and many workouts, the equipment that you buy should easily give you 15 to 20 years of workouts. Home gyms are made so well these days that manufacturers are providing legitimate lifetime warranties on there products. There's no electronics on gyms, so your main concern would be a cable snapping, or parts coming out of alignment. Typically the hardest part about owning a gym is setting it up and making sure you use it. The equipment itself with handle your workouts easily - unless you're 400 pounds and taking Dianabol before workouts. Today's gyms are constructed with durable 2" by 3" gauge steel framework and tensile strength, internally lubricated aircraft cables, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings, chrome plated tubular steel and cast iron weights. There's not much that can go wrong on these machines and if something does, then call the manufacturer. Al

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  2. Rowing Machines - A Buyers Guide

    Indoor rowing machines give people a total body workout through stationary physical training. Used to simulate watercraft rowing, stationary rowing machines were developed for collegiate rowing teams in the 1950's, and by the 1960's, indoor rowers were quintessential for all college level, or professional rowers. While providing the same cardiovascular benefits as running, rowing machines are great because they do not put the same high impact pressure on your body that running on a treadmill does. Rowing machines are traditional pieces of exercise equipment that have been used for decades and their longevity can be attributed to many things, one of which is their simple drive system that controls resistance. Resistance created from a spinning flywheel, controlled by a braking system, is a very common on rowing machines. Indoor fitness rowers, controlled by braked flywheel resistance, are powered through a flywheel that is connected by by some kind of strap, rope or chain. Stationary

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  3. Hard Work & Dedication is the Way

    Commando type figures do not come naturally, well, at least not for the vast majority of us. Kudos to those who can eat fast food daily and still look like a Hollywood Star. Since the overwhelming majority of us will never look our best without aggressive exercise routines, that include both cardiovascular and strength workouts, it is very important to understand what pieces of fitness equipment are the most durable, effective and economically viable. Purchasing gym equipment for your home such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and spin bikes, is necessary in order to exercise on your own terms. Studies prove that people stop going to the gym regularly after the second or third week of joining. Waking up early to go to the gym before work, rush-hour traffic trying to get to the gym after work, errands, kids, gas prices, weather, closed roads, waits to use machines, parking at the gym, ridiculous membership fees and other factors make it very difficult for one to mainta

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  4. Kettler Fitness Equipment: The Award Winning CT 307

    This Kettler CT 307 Cross-Trainer is the best buy for any elliptical under $1500 in the fitness equipment industry. Period. Consumer Report magazine recently did an independent review on this Kettler elliptical and when all was said and done, they had nothing but praise to offer in their published analysis. Not everyone can spend a trillion dollars for an elliptical and that doesn't mean that they are out of luck. This Kettler Ct 307 is reasonable priced and has all of the great amenities used on more expensive models. Fort example, its 16 different levels of resistance and 8 interactive user programs make any workout feel like you are at the gym. Along with its varying various levels of intensity and multiple-user programs, workout feedback such as time, heart rate and calories burned are great for staying focused and they help motivate users reach their workout goals. Kettler has been an international force in the health and fitness industry since 1949. With a manufacturing base in

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  5. Look & Feel Just How You Want To!

    Are you having a tough time making it through the day? Is your physical condition limiting what you can do in terms of exercise and other fun activities? In other words, do you feel as if you are living up your potential, or do you believe that your unhealthy lifestyle is prohibiting you from achieving what you want in life? It is hard to function at our best if we are not in tip-top shape. More often than not, people do not fully understand all of the benefits associated with personal daily exercise. A healthy body and mind can do wonders for your professional career, love life and many other aspects of your life. If you are looking to improve your health, do not over think your situation, instead, start exercising for thirty minutes 5 days a week. Do not spend countless hours trying to figure out what would be the best approach to weight loss and muscle growth. Get out of the house, walk to a local track and field, run some laps, do some push-ups and sit-ups and build up a good swe

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  6. Multi-Station Home Gym

    It is hard to go wrong with a multi-station home gym. Stations on the home gym are not the only variable to consider, others include the durability of the gym and the warranty that comes with it. Along with durability, stations, warranty and mechanical specs, one must take into consideration the amount of weight stacks that are on the gym. The number of weight stakes directly correlates with how many users can workout out on the gym at once. Make sure you understand these basic concepts before purchasing a home gym.

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  7. Fitness & Health Blog from Customer

    I've worked out in gyms and clubs off and on for the past six years, the “off” times due to illness, too much else to do, or frustration. (Who hasn't gotten frustrated when they can’t lose those last five pounds?) Sometimes I needed an extra push, and instead of giving myself that push, I’d quit. But I always felt worse not exercising, found that the hour of working out, three times a day, did something more than help me stay in shape physically. It made me feel good about myself—that I had will power, that I was in control of my brain and body. So, I’m back to it now, have been for almost a year, and once again, I’m at that place where I need the extra push. Blogging might do it. If I say I’m going to do it, actually post it, I certainly better, right? So, this is where I am now. 5’6, 141 lbs. Female. Good shoulders (I work on that, my vanity) I’m stronger than many my age—I can lift heavy boxes, hike up a h

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    1) Mind over Matter Consistent exercise, and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, are all fundamental necessities, if one wishes to optimize their health and level of physical fitness. However, people often forget that the everyday battle we fight versus obesity and lethargy, is won upstairs with our brain. Our research, done through interviewing physical fitness trainers and psychologists, is that although the human brain does so many great things, it can also play tricks on our bodies and deter us from exercising at times. For example, you may think that you feel tired or sore, and that your body is better off resting for a couple of days, but in reality, your body is willing and able to exercise, free of overwhelming fatigue and muscle cramping.  You may try and rationalize not working out by convincing yourself that you don’t have the time, energy, or that you will go the next day, so on and so forth. Do not let these so
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  9. Commercial vs. Residential Fitness Equipment

    The Life Fitness 95Xi is one of the most used elliptical machines ever manufactured. You can find this awesome, gym quality elliptical trainer, at almost any health club in the nation. Typically, this Life Fitness elliptical would be a rare find in someones home. For the most part, people have lighter and more portable fitness equipment in their home, whereas gyms must have heavy-duty, long lasting exercise gear. With that said, some people just want to have real gym equipment at home and that is perfectly understandable. If you have the cash to pay for the best exercise equipment, there's no reason not to. But for the rest of us, let's figure out if buying commercial gym equipment for our home really makes sense. In order for fitness equipment to be "club quality", there are several features that it most possess. First of all, the fitness equipment must be safe and effective. If exercise equipment is not safe and effective, then there is no reason to use it. Next, the fitness equipme

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  10. Health Clubs vs. Home Gyms

    HEALTH CLUBS VS. HOME GYMS Pros of Health Club: 1.) Healthy, strong, agile, good looking people at the gym provides tangible motivation for our minds. 2.) Health clubs provide a wide variety of fitness equipment to use and it is near impossible for most of us to outfit our homes with the quantity and quality of exercise equipment that the gym offers. Cons of Health Clubs 1.) Time Is of the Essence and it takes too much time out of our day to go sit in traffic and go to gym. The physical act of getting to the gym is an obstacle in and of itself. 2.) Cleanliness - If somebody at your gym is sick, watch out, before you know it, you, your family and friends will all be sick! (worst case scenario) - either way, fitness equipment
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