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  1. Maintaining Positive Expectations Makes it Easier to Get Fit

    Expect to do well. Have confidence in your ability to look and feel your best. Possessing a confident attitude is half of the battle when it comes to the fight against obesity and lethargy. How many of you reading this truly believe that you could be in great physical shape if you wanted to? You have to be ready to win. If you have worked out 2 or 3 times over the past 5 years, well, I'm guessing your confidence in your ability to look like your favorite movie star, is gone. But what if it wasn't? What if you reallllly did believe that you could look and feel great, instead of just day-dreaming about it? Ironically, cardio and strength training are just as much mental exercises, as they are physical. Your mind tells you to stop and to give up, but the strong willed and determined just keep fighting. Your mind tells you "this sucks, i'm not having fun, this is hard, excruciating. physical work". But, what if your mind told you to just keep running? What if

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  2. Fitness through Dance

    A friend of mine recommended I go with her to her weekly tango dance class.  At first I was extremely skeptical, since I don't have an ounce of rhythm in me. When I walked in the studio, I saw a huge sign saying Fitness though Dance. I quickly found out that the class was targeted more to fitness, than having good rhythm, and I was thrilled. We stretched and strengthened our upper arms, abs, thighs, calf muscles, and buns.  Not only that, but it was fun! I haven't had fun working out since High School. They also offered levels for beginners, intermediate, and experienced. Now I've become a weekly member!

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