Are Treadmills Bad For Your Knees?

A friend of mine asked me today what the best kind of running surface is and how treadmills compare to other running surfaces such as grass, concrete, rubberized tracks and a couple of other running surfaces. The easy and 100% correct answer is that grass is the best and it is not even close. Other running surfaces such as concrete are really rough on joints and bones to the point where running can actually become detrimental towards your health.  If you are not able to run on a local field or nice track, buy yourself a treadmill that has a great suspension system and a shock absorbing running belt. With an advanced suspension system and an extra-thick, orthopedic style running belt, a treadmill can be the next best thing to run on for your body, other than natural grass. A prime example of a professional grade treadmill with an optimized suspensions system and running deck is the Life Fitness 95Ti. The 95Ti treadmill, is part of a series of heavy-duty, hi-performance, gym qualit

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