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  1. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #12

    I haven’t blogged for a week now, because I haven’t exercised for a week now. Excuses: The Holidays. Shopping. Working extra hours. Snow. Each day I promised myself we would go to the gym, each day, another excuse. I swore that if we didn’t go after a week, I’d order our fitness equipment now, right now, and put it on payments. We’ve saved almost enough. It’s time. And, we didn’t go to the gym yesterday. So, I did it! I ordered an upright exercise bike, not a recumbent. My husband likes the upright better, and he’ll use it more often if it’s something he lkes, and it does take up less floor space. Until we finish the basement and turn it into a proper fitness room, floor space is of importance. So, it’s to arrive in the next week! I’ll be blogging about a piece of fitness equipment that I own. How cool is that?

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  2. Running Outside in the Summer

    Hope all of you fitness heads are having a blast this summer. Outdoor exercise in the summer is therapeutic for many people with joint pain and body aches. However, running outside underneath the intense rays of the summer sun, can be difficult from June through August due to temperatures that can rise to 100 degrees across the country. From Miami, Florida, to Los Angeles, California, people are beaten and battered from head to toe as the try to endure and embrace the ridiculously high temperature. Well, for those who are hyper-sensitive to the sun, and those that are older and more prone to detrimental affects of the sun, using gym equipment indoors may be a safer and more effective form of exercise. Gym quality treadmills, elliptical training machines and home gyms are very user friendly and effective means for exercising.

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  3. Health Clubs vs. Home Gyms

    HEALTH CLUBS VS. HOME GYMS Pros of Health Club: 1.) Healthy, strong, agile, good looking people at the gym provides tangible motivation for our minds. 2.) Health clubs provide a wide variety of fitness equipment to use and it is near impossible for most of us to outfit our homes with the quantity and quality of exercise equipment that the gym offers. Cons of Health Clubs 1.) Time Is of the Essence and it takes too much time out of our day to go sit in traffic and go to gym. The physical act of getting to the gym is an obstacle in and of itself. 2.) Cleanliness - If somebody at your gym is sick, watch out, before you know it, you, your family and friends will all be sick! (worst case scenario) - either way, fitness equipment
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  4. Thinking Outside the Box: Elliptical Workout

    Whether you own an elliptical and are looking for new ways to use it, or are interested in buying one, you should be aware that there are many ways to turn this machine into an effective gut buster!  In the absence of resistance bands or dumbbells, here are some ways to play with the machine by varying resistance.  Using the resistance listed below - I will then show you an incredibly effective and short workout! Elliptical trainers can vary resistance through a few different ways.

    1. Speed you move your legs (revolutions)
    2. Intensity or resistance of the machine
    3. Your position (standing up, or in semi squatting position or in a full squat position on the eliptical)
    4. and Whether you push the pad with your heel or your toe
    These 4 elements can be used to vary your workouts to BLAST your body in only 20-30 minutes!



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