Sarah's Health and Fitness Blog #13

So, the bike came! And it wasn’t difficult to put together at all. The directions have those kinds of pictures that show you exactly what to do, and the hardware was all sorted neatly and labeled, and there were only nine steps until we had our own upright fitness bike. Funny how something we almost avoided—working out—was quickly something we wanted to do, both of us wanting to be the first to test out the new bike. Me first! Me first! Like little kids. It’s perfect. Takes up even less floor space than I imagined, and runs so quietly. I remember the exercise bike my mom had some fifteen years ago, and it made such a racket that you couldn’t hear the TV. Not so with this one. I watch my TV shows, biking, and am surprised how quickly the time goes by. I haven’t even played with all the settings yet, but it does all those things the one in the gym did, pulse, speed, distance, calories burned, etc. My husband p

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