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  1. Lose Weight and Build Muscle Now

    For those who believe they are past the point of no return, you need to have a better attitude and understand that you are fully capable of turning your life around and becoming healthier. Each day is an opportunity to get better. Goals are accomplished a day at a time and that is all one needs to lose weight and reduce body fat. Every day you either get better, or you get worse...there is no in-between. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get better each and every day. There is always some way to get better. Say as part of a new workout regimen you have decided that you will incorporate push-ups and sit-ups into your daily routine, Once you have established an optimal amount of push-ups and sit-ups that you will perform daily, you can get better one day by doing 2 more push-ups than you did the day before. Heartless individuals will never see the light of day. Men and Women that can use mental strength in order to make sure they remain physically active, are those that will per

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  2. When Is It Time to Buy a New Treadmill?

    Although there may not be something substantially wrong with your draconian treadmill, it still may be time to buy a new treadmill. After extensive use and hundreds of thousands of miles, treadmill motor quality can disintegrate, electronics become stale, treadmill running belts become to thin to protect our joints from the impact of running, and other flaws such as mechanical failures occur regularly. Those who spend the time, money and energy to fix these costly breakdowns are missing the boat. They are jumping over dollars to same quarters. Once your treadmill becomes close to inoperable, your best bet is to scrap it and buy a new treadmill. Running is such an important part of so many of our lives that we should treat ourselves to a gym quality elliptical when we run.

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