Fitness App Usage is Skyrocketing

In the last half decade we've seen a transformation in our culture. Companies have turned to mobile and its apps at a record setting pace. Since 2007, we've witnessed cell phones and tablets go from kind of popular, to the social norm. Everyone has a cell phone. Mobile has brought apps to our ADHD suffering fingertips and average daily app usage per capita has increased year after year, over the last six years. While daily app usage grows, daily health and fitness app usage soars. Flurry Analytics recently reported that fitness app usage is growing 87% faster than the overall app market. People just love data mining through their own results, as well as posting them to show their friends. Battles in Silicon Valley are on. Apple and Google both want in, badly. HealthKit and app Help are Apple's new developments for mobile health data tracking; Google created Google Fit. All you need to know is Apple advertises on

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