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  1. 11 Reasons Bananas are Great!

    Bananas are amazing. They taste great, are easy to take on the road (not messy at all) and they pack a potent punch of vitamins and minerals. Bananas are great for us because they...

    1. Increase Brain Power
    2. Helps Lower Risk of Heart Disease & Hypertension
    3. Prevent Anemia
    4. Provides Regularity and Healthy Bowel Movements
    5. They Reduce Depression
    6. Relieves Menstrual Cramps
    7. Helps People Quit Smoking
    8. Good for People with Stomach Ulcer
    9. Reduces Itchy Mosquito Bites
    10. Promotes Healthy Bones
    11. They Taste Great!
    Make sure you have Bananas around for you and your family. They are a healthy, clean and quick snack!
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  2. Sarah's Health & Fitness Blog #1

    So, my husband had to have a triple bypass—took veins from his legs and chest, cut him open and filled his chest with ice, held his heart in their hands, and made him all better. I tell you the gruesome details because this is certainly an eye opening event, and keeping one’s heart healthy is of utmost importance. He’d had three small heart in his thirties and early forties, (quit smoking after the first one, and began to eat healthy food, and hiked a lot—but that didn’t do enough). Working your heart, and keeping your blood pressure low, are just as important as eating healthy food. After the surgery they sent him to rehab, which was basically a room with treadmills and exercise bikes—and doctors and nurses who would hook him up to monitors to watch his heart beat, etc. They had him spend twenty-two minutes on the treadmill

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